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Dr. Stephen J. Lange
School of Public Affairs 
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Bachelor of Arts in Government

Program Description

The government major and minor provide students with the opportunity to study political ideas, institutions, and policies. The government faculty offer courses in political thought, American national, state and local government and public law, public administration, comparative government, and international relations. National government internships and seminars are available through the Washington Center. Students who study government usually pursue careers in law, teaching, or government service.

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Degree Requirements

General Education Requirements 

GOVT 230 — Introduction to Comparative Politics (HUM2) 3
GOVT 499C — Senior Seminar 3
General Education Total  36 

Refer to the General Education section for a complete listing of general education requirements for the University. 
Required Introductory Courses 

Complete the following:   
GOVT 141 — United States Government 3
GOVT 180 — Introduction to Political Theory 3
GOVT 230 — Introduction to Comparative Politics 3
GOVT 289 — Methods of Political Inquiry 3
Required Advanced Subfield Courses  12 
Choose one course in each of the four subfields: 
  1. American Politics (GOVT 305321322,324328342343344347349351,353, 354, 355410451452)
  2. Political Theory  (GOVT 312314316317,318440)
  3. Comparative Politics  (GOVT 301-304,329-334337430)
  4. International Politics  (GOVT 360362,364367368420)

Required Advanced Courses 

Complete the following:   
GOVT 499C — Senior Seminar 3
GOVT electives (any 300 or 400 level GOVT course) 6
Total  33 

Government majors must write a senior paper in GOVT 499C. Three members of the Government faculty will read the paper. The student must receive a grade of "C" or better on the paper from two of the three faculty members to pass the course.

Components of Degree Requirement 

General Education 36
Program Requirements 33
General Electives 51
Degree Requirement Total  120 

Bachelor of Arts - Government Major with Regional Analysis and Public Policy Track

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