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Regional Analysis and Public Policy Minor (RAPP)

RAPP Minor
Government Minor

The student will:

Program Description

  • Understand the relation of their major program to the other fields in regional analysis.
  • Make sound verbal and written arguments that delineate a public policy.
  • Possess the quantitative and qualitative skills to understand regional analysis.
  • Understand the factors that affect and shape occupational vocations in a regional context.
  • Be able to accurately communicate with public and private individuals the meaning and applications of regional analysis.
  • Be able to present research and policy reports that are comprehensible to audiences of various public policymakers.
  • Be able to interpret the output of regional resource analyses and their potential use in formulating public policy.

The students in this program will meet the goals of Enhancement of Instruction by actively participating in a unique, intense interdisciplinary program. They will participate in service and research functions of the University, and will participate in the collaborative ventures of IRAPP with regional organizations.

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Degree Requirements

Required Courses: 
Complete the following:

RAPP 202 — Basic Computer Tech. in Regional Analysis


RAPP 203 — Society, Nature and Development


RAPP 300 — Seminar in Regional Issues I


RAPP 350 — Practicing Regional Analysis I


RAPP 490 — Seminar in Regional Issues II


Total Required Hours


Elective coursework: 

Students will complete nine hours of approved 300 or 400 level courses; courses at other levels (e.g., 200) will be considered for approval on a case-by-case basis.

Elective courses will be selected in consultation with the minor advisor in order to form a coherent program of study aimed at enhancing student analytic and problem solving capacities and skills. A few examples of thematic electives include: geospatial methods, international studies, women's studies, multidisciplinary approaches, policy studies, etc. Students must obtain approval of thematic electives from both their minor advisor and the IRAPP Associate Dean. As per general university policy, courses (required or elective) in this minor may not be concurrently counted in other minors, majors, or areas of concentration.

Total Program Elective Hours - 9 

Total Hours in Minor - 24 

Government Minor

As a Government student, you will study political ideas, institutions, and policies. The Government major and minor include courses on political theory, American national, state and local government, comparative governments and politics, and international politics.

Program Description

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Course Listing

Required Introductory Courses  12 
GOVT 141— United States Government 3
GOVT 180— Introduction to Political Theory 3
GOVT 230— Introduction to Comparative Politics 3
GOVT 289— Methods of Political Inquiry 3

Required Advanced Subfield Courses - 9

Choose one course in each of the four subfields:

  1. American Politics (GOVT 305321322324328342343344347349351,353, 354, 355410451452)
  2. Political Theory (GOVT 312314316317318440)
  3. Comparative Politics (GOVT 301-304329-334337430)
  4. International Politics (GOVT 360362364367368420)

Required Advanced Courses - 3

Any 300 or 400 level GOVT or PS elective 3
Total  24 

Student Profiles

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