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Center for Educational Research and Leadership (CERL)

The Center for Educational Research and Leadership (CERL) seeks to improve educational opportunity and human capital development in Appalachian Kentucky through promoting educational research and the dissemination of research results. In so doing, CERL strongly supports the equal opportunity goals set forth in the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA).

CERL encourages faculty to use their expertise and research capability in collaboration with school districts, social service agencies, and local governments, to build functional community support for educational achievement and attainment in Eastern Kentucky.

In view of Morehead State University's historic presence in the region, CERL is ideally situated to achieve these objectives. CERL will serve four specific functions that address the needs of the region:

  • An institutional mechanism to disseminate information on national education research and its applicability for Eastern Kentucky.
  • A clearinghouse for data pertinent to regional and local educational planning and administration, such as material from the U.S. Census, Kentucky Department of Education, U.S. Department of Education, and similar sources.
  • An agency for the collection and dissemination of research results on programs that empower low-resource and single parent families and that build community networks leading to better educational outcomes for at-risk children.
  • A publication outlet for relevant research (Occasional Research Paper Series).

Center for Virtual Appalachia (CVA)

Hardwood Institute

The Hardwood Institute promotes information, research, and economic development of wood and wood products in Eastern Kentucky and the Appalachian Region. The Institute is the focal point for MSU's commitment to promote diverse constituencies and economic development within the context of sound economic and environmental practices.

Kentucky Center for Geospatial Education, Research, and Outreach

The mission of the Kentucky Center for Geospatial Education, Research, and Outreach is to expand the use of Geospatial Information Technologies within and outside Morehead State University by working towards the following goals:

  • To improve the technical and analytical capabilities of MSU students and provide them with geospatial technology skills
  • To encourage and facilitate the use of geospatial technologies among faculty within MSU
  • To provide training, workshops, and support resources for geospatial technologies outside of MSU
  • To use geospatial technologies to contribute to the development of potential business opportunities in the region

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Kentucky Educational Research Roundtable

The Kentucky Education Research Roundtable provides a venue for discussion of education and educational policy research by researchers, representatives of state entities and other interested parties. The goals of the Roundtable are to inform education research agendas, disseminate findings, share resources, facilitate discussion of education topics, and provide more and better information on education policies to the Education Committees of the General Assembly, the Department of Education, the Education Professional Standards Board, the Council on Postsecondary Education, the Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority, educators, and other parties interested in the education of students in the Commonwealth. The Roundtable is a non-partisan organization that does not endorse or advocate particular policies, political positions or ideologies, but serves to further the development of education policies based on best practices as demonstrated through empirical study.

Kentucky Political Science Association


AmericaView recently selected the Institute for Regional Analysis and Public Policy (IRAPP) at Morehead State University as the lead institution for its Kentucky affiliate, known as KentuckyView. KentuckyView is currently in its nascent stages, but it plans to become active in education, data distribution, outreach, and applied research. Membership recruitment is currently underway, and in the near future it is hoped that KentuckyView members will include multiple universities, colleges, non-profit organizations, and state and federal agencies. Website

Office of Geographic and Cartographic Services

Services Offered

  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Zoning Ordinances and Maps
  • Demographic Research
  • Geospatial Analysis
  • Parcel Modernization
  • GPS Technology
  • GIS/GPS Workshops

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