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Shaving the Pounds - Kevin

The End of The First Day...

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As the first day of "Shaving the Pounds" comes to a close, I have already had a a small set-back!  One struggle I have had for years is the horrible habit of eating too late in the evening.  In the past, it was not uncommon for me to eat a significant amount of calories after 9 p.m.  Who am I kidding?  It was not uncommon for me to eat a ton of food after 10 or 11 p.m.!  What a terrible habit!  Coming into this challenge, I wanted to stop eating before 8 p.m.  However, tonight I had dinner at 9:30!  I had meetings all afternoon, and did not get home until about 9:15 p.m.  So, dinner was late!  I just have to realize that sometimes my dinner time is not within my control, I need to to keep my goals a vast majority of the time and not get too stressed if I don't meet them every day!


In the afternoon, I had a granola bar that was 190 calories.


For dinner I had a hamburger (350), cole slaw (150), cottage cheese (100), snap peas (50), and a pear (100) - I am estimating my dinner as 750.


For the day, I have consumed an estimated 1720 calories.  This is a good thing as I am under my goal for the day, and I have not have feelings of "starvation" today.  I am also trying to increase my water consumption.  Today I drank about 70 ounces of water.  For me that is pretty good, but I need to do some research to create goals for myself and determine what is a "good amount".


I am going to start adding some exercise tomorrow.  So, I am anticipating that I will eat more, but I will also burn some extra calories!


Until tomorrow......!



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