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02/07/2016, 09:50 P.M. - Power Restored

Shaving the Pounds - Kevin

Mid-Day Report from Day 2...

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Good Afternoon!

I want to thank Betty Jo, Madonna, and Steelee' for all of the support they are giving me throughout the day!  I appreciate the motivation I am receiving from them and others!

Day Two has been another good day!  Thanks to Shaun Burchett for the links to information about water consumption.  If you are interested in the subject, please take a look at or 

I am about the leave the office; however, I wanted to check-in with an afternoon calorie update.  For lunch, I stuck with the Turkey Sandwich from ADUC (I highly recommend it!  Not toasted and no dressings!).  On the sandwich I had tomatoes, pineapple, and mushrooms - I am going to stick with the 500 calorie estimate on it.  Later in the afternoon, I had a granola packet (190 calories) and a banana (120 calories - WOW, who knew bananas would hit the calorie count so hard?  Thought it was a good choice!).  Guess I am going to count the banana as a good source of Potassium so I get some good news from eating it!  

So, for the day I am at 1090.  I also have had 60 ounces of water (need to step that up tonight!).  So, I am going home for a work-out and then dinner.  Check my blog later to see how I did! 

Feel free to give me some interactive comments to make this more interesting! 

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