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Shaving the Pounds - Kevin

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Hello!  What an awesome day for working out!  I have been wanting to get to the Recreation and Wellness Center for some time, and today I finally made it.  If you have not been there to workout, you are missing something special.  I am so old, we used to lift rocks and trees as we walked up-hill (both ways) to school in 16 feet of snow (and we were happy to have that snow!).  So, when I entered the Recreation and Wellness Center, I was impressed with all of the fancy machines.  I think there is even one in there that will wash my car and do my homework at the same time.  But seriously, you are missing out if you are not using this facility for something.

So, I did a workout with Steelee' and Chynna, and they are in MUCH better shape than me, but I appreciate that they put up with an old, fat guy.  I am hooked!  I want to make this a part of my lunch hour several times a week if I can.  For those who are worried about me skipping lunch - trust me that will not happen.  After working out, I came back to the office and enjoyed a salad at my desk.

For your viewing pleasure (or discomfort), the following links are from my session today - enjoy! 



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