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Chemistry Club

Want to get involved?  Need some extracurricular activities to enhance your resume and chances on acceptance into graduate, medical, pharmacy, or optometry school?  The Chemistry Club (a.k.a. The Student Members of the American Chemical Society (SMACS) at Morehead State is a social/pre-professional club affiliated with the American Chemical Society.  All students interested in science are welcome.  Read on to find out more about the Chemistry Club.


What does the club do?  Students organize and participate in Outreach activities to local schools, perform service functions, such as tutoring, here at MSU and in the surrounding community, attend regional and national meetings, conduct fundraising activities, attend recreational and informational activities such as picnics, camping, canoeing, visits to local industry, etc. 


What do you get?  Opportunities to learn about your chosen profession, meet others in similar areas outside of class, access to job banks and databases at the ACS, networking with area industry or professional school representatives, experiences to discuss at interviews, help other students studying chemistry, free food, fun and more.  What you get out really depends on what you put in to the club.


Does it cost anything to join?  No, you do not have to pay dues to the club.  Our fundraising allows us to avoid local dues.  However, members are strongly encouraged to register with the American Chemical Society to officially become a student affiliate member (this way you can put it on your resume).  Student Membership dues to the National ACS Organization are about $25 per year or $47 with a full year of Chemical and Engineering News (a weekly publication on all area of science including biology, physics and chemistry). Access to databases, career services and attendance to meetings are limited to paid members.


How do I join?  Simply come to a meeting, contact a student officer or the faculty advisor of the club.  We have ~biweekly meetings (sometimes with free pizza) and talk about future activities and trips or have speakers.  Send an email to any of the officers and we'll get you on the email list to receive updates on meeting times and events.  Come and find out what the club will be doing.  Get involved and build your resume and character with meaningful activities, leadership, and rewarding opportunities.


Contact information:

Student Officers:  2013-2014


Kathryn Renyer - President;

Blake Cantrell  - Co-VP;

 Emily Nickell  - Co-VP

 Calie Morgan - PR;

Tiara Mone't Barnes - Treasurer;

Rebecca Seagraves - Secretary

Faculty Advisor:

 Dr. Mark Blankenbuehler -

Lappin 425 F   Office Phone:  783-2915


Send an email to Dr. Blankenbuehler to receive updates on club activities via email.


American Chemical Society Web Site.


National Student Members ACS Site.



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