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Exhibits Standard 2

1 Description of unit's assessment system including requirements and key assessments used at transition points

1.a Continuous assessment system

1.b Table 6

1.c Curriculum improvement decision making model

1.d Assessment tools

1.e Regional campus representation on assessment committees (NEW)

2 Data from key assessments used at entry to programs

2.a Worksheet admission data

2.b Overall TEP

2.c P5 admissions index

2.d Overall TEP

2.e Advanced enrollment data

2.f MAT Praxis results

2.g 2011-2012 Datatel download schedule (NEW)

3 Procedures for ensuring that key assessments of candidate performance and evaluations of unit operation are fair, accurate, consistent and bias free

3.a TEP admissions rubric

3.b TPA process for blind review

3.c TPA rubric

3.d Syllabus template

3.e MAT rubric

3.f Educational Leadership portfolio rubric

3.g Continuous assessment of field experience and clinical practice

4 Policies and procedures that ensure the data are regularly collected, compiled, aggregated, summarized, analyzed, and used to make improvements

4.a CAS reporting schedule

4.b Annual productivity report

4.c WEAVE end of year report rubric 8-01-2011 (NEW)

4.d WEAVE reports

4.e Link to TK20 system; password provided TBA

4.f Teacher trend alumni survey

4.g Dean Questionnaire (NEW)

5 Samples of candidates assessment data disaggregated by alternative route, off-campus, and distance learning programs

5.a Middle grades distance learning regional campuses

5.b Report and recommendations of ECESE courses

5.c P-5 transfer program data- Praxis

6 Policies for handling student complaints

6.a Undergraduate catalog 2009-2010 (page 24)

6.b Graduate Catalog 2009-2010 (page 14)

6.c COE faculty handbook (pages 12)

6.d TEP handbook (pages 23-24)

7 File of student complaints and unit's response

7.a Available during onsite visit in the COE Dean's office

8 Examples of changes made to courses, programs, and the unit in response to data gathered from the assessment system

8.a C & I curriculum committee

8.b Counseling program changes

8.c Teacher education council minutes

8.d Type 3 revision request

8.e MOA agreement

8.f Faculty task force on admissions

8.g PPN immersion

8.h Academic curriculum report

8.i Using data to inform practice (NEW)

8.j WEAVE data SLOs 2010-2011 (UPDATED)

8.k History of changes in WEAVE report October 29, 2011 (NEW)

8.l WEAVE minutes September 2010 (NEW)

8.m ECESE assessment targets (NEW)

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