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Multiculturalism & Inclusion

Multiculturalism & Inclusion promotes inclusion and cultural awareness across the MSU campus, local communities and regional public schools. We aim to promote educational, vocational, cultural and social growth for underrepresented and international student development and assist with the retention efforts of these student populations. This is done by hosting a variety of events and workshops throughout the academic year. We collaborate with campus and community entities to create co-curricular opportunities for involvement, leadership and personal development rooted in multiculturalism and inclusion to prepare all students for success in our global society.

Alternative Spring Break: The Social Justice Tour (click here to apply)

Application Deadline: Nov. 21st, 2015

From the Desk of The Coordinator of Multiculturalism & Inclusion

Redefine Diversity at MSU by using the hashtag #EaglesLikeUs

#EaglesLikeUs is a space created for MSU students with the purpose of connecting, upLIFTing one another, and sharing resources and stories. It reaches across generations, gender, color, location and socioeconomic standing, established by @MSU_Inclusion to empower each student to live visibly and connect in connect in university pride and solidarity. It is a space for each student to fully be their self and hopefully in the process of sharing their most authentic self, they will find like-minded individuals whom they can embrace and love and connect with because it's only in their connecting that they will be more powerful and ensure that each student's voice, lives, struggles and joys matter.

- Amberly R. Carter, 

The Coordinator of Multiculturalism & Inclusion

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