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Multiculturalism & Inclusion


Multiculturalism and Inclusion Programs strives to create programs and educational opportunities that broadens our understanding and appreciation of multiculturalism, diversity, and social justice. Committed to improving the recognition and acceptance of the dignity and worth of every individual, we strive to  provide a welcoming, supportive, and vibrant environment for all underrepresented students, faculty and staff that will engage and enhance their social, intellectual, interpersonal, and leadership development skills.  


From the Desk of The Coordinator of Multiculturalism & Inclusion

The changing demographics of our students reminds us that diversity is the goal, inclusion is the action. We must be willing to challenge one another, talk about the hard issues and proactively engage in dialogue on issues that impact our campus community. In the wake of many acts of racial violence and unrest across the United States, higher education is impacted by events, issues and concerns that many marginalized and underrepresented communities face. Now is the time to assess how our policies, procedures and overall campus climate impacts students as they navigate spaces and live in a world where we are still having to reiterate that lives do matter. Let us build community to tackle issues related to diversity and inclusion so that change can be made and people can truly learn not just about others who may be different, but learn more about themselves.

                                                                            -Jasmine Whitlow


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