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Camden-Carroll Library
150 University Blvd.
Morehead, KY 40351


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Library Staff


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Aleman, Karla <k.aleman> 3-5114 Regional Campus
Bailey, Ray <ra.bailey> 3-5106 Instructional Services
Barker, Luana <l.barker> 3-5104 Student Personnel Coordinator
Burton, Christopher <c.burton> 3-2990 Library Systems
Burton, John <j.burton> 3-5290 Access Services/LRC
Bush, Stephanie <st.bush> 3-2869 Acquisitions
Chapman, Ophelia <o.chapman> 3-5119 Library Systems
Colyer, Pamela <p.colyer> 3-5118 Cataloging
Day, Megan <mbday> 3-2235 Cataloging
Dusing, Matt <mdusing> 3-2283 Research Services
Gregory, Dr. David <d.gregory> 3-5100 Dean of Library Services
Griffith, Jason <j.griffith> 3-2236 Cataloging
Hammonds, Pam  <p.mace> 3-5109 Instructional Services
Horton, Kevin <k.horton> 3-2238  Access Services
Howard, Mykie <my.howard>  3-5116 Serials 
Johnson, Teresa <t.johnson> 3-2829 Special Collections
Kelley, Sherry <s.kelley> 3-2819 Regional Campus
Kmetz, Tom <t.kmetz> 3-5111 Research Services
Little, Jennifer <j.little> 3-5352 Access Services
Maynard, Charles <c.maynard> 3-5103 Access Services
Robinson, Ruth <r.robins> 3-5169 Dean's Office
Rucker, Laura <l.rucker> 3-5107 Interlibrary Loan
Sammons, Rob <r.sammons> 3-5123 Special Collections
Schubert, Joe;<jrschubert> 3-2160 Instructional Services/LTL
Scott, Stacy <s.scott> 3-5117 Interlibrary Loan
Skaggs, Jennifer <jbskaggs> 3-2234 Cataloging
Spartman, Barry <b.spartman> 3-5112 Research Services
Ullrich, Dieter <d.ullrich> 3-5122 Special Collections
Vencill, Kermit <k.vencill> 3-2864 Acquisitions
Watkins, Rita <r.foster> 3-2237 Access Services
Watkins, Rodney <r.watkins> 3-9343 Instructional Services/LTL
Whitt, Bridgette <br.whitt> 3-5287 Acquisitions

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