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Department of Earth & Space Sciences
Space Science Center, Room 101
235 Martindale Drive
Morehead, KY 40351
Phone: 606-783-2381
Fax: 606-783-5040

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Space Systems Engineering, Master of Science

Program Info
The master's of Space Science Engineering program is an engineering degree that trains you in systems-level engineering in spacecraft design, development and operation, which are all skills appropriate for careers in space technologies and applications. Graduates gain competencies in space systems engineering and design-level knowledge of the concepts, technologies and processes associated with aerospace systems requirements. The program places an emphasis on astronautics, emphasizing satellite design and development – particularly in the areas of satellite systems, (i.e. communications, command and data handling, attitude determination and control, thermal systems and power systems), nanosatellites, space mission operations and ground station technologies.


Space Systems Engineering, Master of Science

The aerospace industry supports over 15 million high quality American jobs and has experienced eight consecutive years of growth. Fifteen percent of the US GDP is now related to aerospace and. As of 2013 aerospace is the number one manufactured export in Kentucky. The job market for all areas of the space sector, including aerospace engineers, electrical and mechanical engineers, technicians, Earth station operators, and micro-nanotechnology engineers, is robust with careers that epitomize 21st century jobs.

Scientists and engineers play a vital role in building the future enterprises that create solutions and jobs critical to solving the large, complex and interdisciplinary problems faced by society. Many of these complex societal problems are solved by the utilization of space assets. Whether it’s financial and data transfer, national defense and homeland security or the search and management of natural resources, space plays a vital role.

Our graduates are highly competitive for jobs in the aerospace and related industries (electrical engineering, telecommunications, electronics and computer-aided design.) Applied research conducted by our graduates often leads to commercial technologies that allow them to become the entrepreneurs and innovators of the new space age.

Students applying for admission must meet the general admission requirements to graduate study and satisfy two of the following criteria:

  • A minimum GRE score of 150 on verbal reasoning and 146 on quantitative reasoning, or
  • Undergraduate GPA X GRE (verbal and quantitative) = 875
  • Undergraduate degree in a relevant area (aerospace engineering, space science, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering or closely related discipline)
Department of Earth and Space Science
101 Smith-Booth Hall
235 Martindale Drive
Morehead, KY 40351

Primary Phone: 606-783-2381


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