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    Sociology, Social Work and Criminology

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    Sociology, Social Work and Criminology

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    Sociology, Social Work and Criminology

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    Sociology, Social Work and Criminology

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  • Chemical Dependency Counseling 

    MSU offers coursework that provide additional preparation for students pursuing a career in the substance abuse field.


    This program focuses on understanding the causes of crime, the structure of the criminal justice system as well as how this system operates with regard to both sentencing and innovative treatment in the 21st century. 

    Social Work 

    Social work is a profession for those who find fulfillment and reward in making a difference in the everyday lives of individuals. Specifically, social workers help those in need of critical resources including: medical and mental health services, income maintenance, child welfare and protection, domestic violence intervention, and assistance for the elderly. Social work also offers the opportunity to improve the community and make it a better place to live. The bachelors of social work (BSW) prepares students as generalist practitioners for entry-level professional practice. 


    Using a variety of scientific research methods, sociologists study how social categories (for example, race, socio-economic class, and gender, etc.), social institutions (the family, peers, media, etc.) and social conditions (wealth, poverty, oppression, etc.) influence the shared meanings, thoughts, behaviors, and actions of the individuals and groups that make up our society and vice versa.


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