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Department of International and Interdisciplinary Studies

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  • Academic Programs

  • Appalachian Studies Minor

    The Appalachian studies program offers students diverse opportunities for academic study, service learning, participatory research, community outreach, and advocacy related to the Appalachian region. 

    Canadian Studies Minor

    The International Studies Minor in Canadian Studies begins with Perspectives on Canada, an introductory team taught course, then focuses on advanced courses in Canadian history, government, and economic and social policies from comparative and international perspectives, and concludes with a summer internship in the Canadian Parliament.

    Film Studies Minor

    The Film Studies minor is an interdisciplinary program of study designed to give students a theoretical as well as practical knowledge of film.

    French Degree Options

    The French program is ideal for students interested in the contemporary world. French is spoken on five continents, and as a second language everywhere. We provide rigorous training in the language and culture, supplemented by several exciting overseas study opportunities.

    Geography Minor

    A minor in geography is an excellent  complement to many majors at Morehead State University because of integrative nature.

    Honors Program

    The Honors Program is a highly selective program, open to outstanding students in all majors. The coursework falls into two categories: a required core of classes that fulfill some general education requirements, and independent projects designed to enhance the student’s capacity for self-directed learning. Students are required to participate in the Undergraduate Research Fellows Program, to provide 80 hours of service over four years, and to complete an approved overseas experience. Those admitted to the program receive the Honors Scholarship, awarded to no more than forty students per year; the scholarship covers tuition, room, board, books,  and includes up to $1500 to be used towards the cost of the overseas experience.

    Interdisciplinary International Studies Degree Options

    The major and minor in International Studies provide students with the opportunity to learn about the global world in which we live.  Students in the major complete a core of classes and a language requirement, choose a track through which they can focus on an area  of interest, and study abroad. For further information contact Dr. Philip Krummrich at 606-783-2582 or Dr. Adrian Mandzy at 606-783-2898.

    Social Science, Master of Arts

    The Master of Arts in Social Sciences provides an interdisciplinary approach to graduate work in social science. The program is designed with three groups of potential students in mind: service region social studies teachers pursuing a first or second Master’s degree; place-bound students who would like to pursue graduate study for career or personal reasons; and students who will attend law school or pursue doctoral study at other institutions.

    Spanish Degree Options

    The Spanish program is ideal for students interested in the contemporary world. Spanish is spoken in over twenty countries around the world, and has become the second language of the United States. We provide rigorous training in the language and culture, supplemented by several exciting overseas study opportunities. You may have the opportunity to participate in research being conducted on classroom language acquisition as well as opportunities to engage in culture and language through Hispanic culture, history, literature and film both on campus and in the community.

    Women's Studies Program - Minor

    The Interdisciplinary Women's Studies Program provides a minor for Morehead State University undergraduates.  Students explore gender and issues related to gender within a wide range of disciplines such as literature, political science, communication, sociology, history, health and education.

Timothy Williams thumbnail

"MSU provided me with such an enriching experience. I began my journey four years before college as a participant in Trio's Upward Bound and was even placed on MSU's campus for my time in the Governor's Scholar Program. After so much time on this campus, and hearing great things about the Foreign Language programs, MSU already felt like home and the obvious choice for furthering my education. Once here I realized I was right and I met many new people and learned many valuable lessons. To MSU, I say gracias, merci, grazie and thank you for everything."

Timothy Williams
Wellington, KY

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