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Department of Earth & Space Sciences
Space Science Center, Room 101
235 Martindale Drive
Morehead, KY 40351
Phone: 606-783-2381
Fax: 606-783-5040

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  • Academic Programs

  • Astronomy Minor

    Program Info Degrees Careers Requirements Curriculum Map Contact Astronomy is the study of celestial objects and the universe as a whole. Combining classes in physics, light and physical optics, planetary geology and more, the astronomy minor at Morehead State complements a wide range of majors.

    The bachelor's degree program in astrophysics is designed to prepare students for graduate-level work in the field. The curriculum is rigorous enough for graduates to pursue a diverse number of careers after graduation, or to pursue advanced degrees. Graduates will have a marketable set of skills, knowledge of physics, laboratory experience, adaptability and critical thinking to pursue a professional career in a variety of scientific fields.
    Geology & Earth Systems Science

    The bachelor's degree in Earth System Science provides the knowledge and the skills to make observations and informed interpretations about the nature of the Earth and its relation to human activities. The geologic history and processes that drive the earth system (Plate Tectonics and Climate) provide insights that permit predictions relevant to natural resource management, geologic hazards and basic land use. The area of concentration is intended for students who desire rigorous, broad-based preparation in most of the subdisciplines within geology. This program is strongly recommended for students who wish to attend graduate school in a geosciences area.

    Integrated Science Minor

    The integrated science minor is a good supplement to a variety of science-related degree programs, including earth science, space science, biology and chemistry. 

    Space Science - Bachelor of Science

    Space science is an extremely interdisciplinary and technology-intensive discipline which encompasses physics, astrophysics, satellite telecommunications, electrical engineering, mathematics and computer sciences.

    Space Systems Engineering, Master of Science
    The Master's in Space Science Engineering (MSSE) is an engineering degree which trains you in systems-level engineering in spacecraft design, development and operation, which are all skills appropriate for careers in space technologies and applications. Graduates gain competencies in space systems engineering and design level knowledge of the concepts, technologies and processes associated with aerospace systems requirements. We place an emphasis on astronautics, emphasizing satellite design and development – particularly in the areas of satellite systems, (i.e. communications, command and data handling, attitude determination and control, thermal systems and power systems), nanosatellites, space mission operations and ground station technologies.

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