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MSU Payroll strives to provide accurate and timely payment to faculty, staff and student employees. We do this while complying with the University's compensation, benefits and reporting policies along with federal, state and local regulations.

Location & Hours

310 Howell-McDowell

Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Instructions & Resources

Payroll Information

  • Employees are paid semi-monthly on the 15th and 30th of each month.  If the 15th or 30th falls on a weekend or University holiday, the pay release is the preceding workday. 
  • Direct deposit is mandatory for all full-time employees, but is available to all employees. If direct deposit isn't elected, checks will be distributed by your department.  
  • Everyone needs to fill out a Form W-4 (Federal) and Form K-4 (State) for tax withholdings.
  • Exempt (salary) employees are paid on a current basis.  Non-Exempt and students (hourly) employees are paid after the fact.

Direct Deposit Information

  • The payroll office must receive written notification that you want to enroll in direct deposit. After the initial prenote, your funds will be transferred electronically.
    • The online direct deposit is for Accounting and Financial Services (refunds or check requests).
    • Payroll requires a printed form to be delivered to our office, either through mail, fax, or hand.
  • If you close or switch accounts, please notify the Payroll Office of your new account information. This has to be done by the 5th for the 15th release or 20th for the 30th release.

Tax Information

  • Employees must complete Forms W-4 and K-4 in order for the Payroll Office to withhold Federal and State income taxes from their paycheck.  These forms are available from the Payroll Office or from our website.  This information will remain in effect until a change in your withholdings is made.  Forms should be delivered to the Payroll Office at 310 Howell-McDowell either through mail, fax or by hand.
  • An individual wanting to claim "Exempt" from the Federal income tax must indicate this on the Form W-4.  Leave the allowance area (Box 5) blank and enter "Exempt" in Box 7 on the form.  This status is only valid for the calendar year in which it is submitted.  A new Form W-4 claiming "Exempt" must be submitted by February 15th of the following year.
  • Nonresident Aliens (NRA) must complete the appropriate paperwork.  If there is a tax treaty with the NRA's home country of residency, he /she may complete Form 8233 (available in the Payroll Office) for tax exemption.  Form 8233 must be completed each calendar year. We will also need your Visa, Social Security Card and the I-20 letter.



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