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MSU Home :: Relocation Info

Relocation Info

* The University Bookstore will remain opened during the entirety of the renovation The main entrance is in the plaza area and will be away from construction. Please visit their website for more information and updates.

Oct 17-24: Financial Aid and Admissions has moved to the new Enrollment Services Center at 121 East Second St.

July 27, 2016: IMPORTANT- Financial Aid and Admissions will not move until October. Please advise any incoming students and share the information. 


July 18, 2016: Meeting and conference rooms have been set aside in the Bert T. Combs Building and in Reed Hall. These are to provide spaces similar to those in ADUC.


  • Combs 413 holds up to 70 persons.
  • Combs 403, 407, and 408 are meeting rooms.
  • Reed 247 holds up to 150 persons.



July 7, 2016:   

  • Student Success and Disability Services are now located in the former Central Office building located at 121 East Second Street. 
  • Student Activities, Inclusion, and Leadership (SAIL) is also completely moved into the former Central Office building.


June 21, 2016: 

  • The Eagle Diversity Education Center has now moved to their new Allie Young location in rooms 317, 318, and 319.
  • Student Activities, Inclusion, and Leadership (SAIL) has begun their moves and are anticipated to be fully moved by Monday, June 27.


 June 14, 2016: 

  • The EagleCard Office is open and fully operational in their new location in Allie Young basement, rooms 030 and 031.
  • ADUC will not be available for events or booking as of Monday, June 20. The building will still be open in order for departments to conduct regular business.
  • The Adult Education Center will be moving from their Main St. location to the Education Service Building at 627 E. Main St., this week. 


June, 14 2016: Update- Student Success, Student Activities and Disability Services move has been delayed to a date to be announced.

June, 6 2016: Student Success, Student Activities, and Disability Services will be moving the week of June 13 to the former Central Office building located at 121 East Second Street. 

May 25, 2016:  The Adron Doran University Center will close the week of June 6, 2016 to finish preparations for the 22-month renovation project.

May 18, 2016:  The EagleCard Office will begin moving on Wednesday, May 25, 2016. They will be located on the ground floor of Allie Young in rooms 030 and 031.

May 16, 2016:  The MSU Post Office is officially open on the ground floor of Allie Young, room 004. 

May 5, 2016:    The relocation of offices and employees located in the Adron Doran University Center began last week in preparation for the upcoming renovation and expansion project. Please check back for updates regularly.

  • Conference and Event Service began moving on May 4 and are now fully located in the basement of Allie Young. The rooms dedicated to Conference and Event Services are; 006, 009, 011, and 013. 
  • The University Post Office is moving this week (5/9- 5/13), also to the basement of Allie Young. That department will occupy rooms 004 and 007.
  • The Eagle Card Office is scheduled to move beginning the week of May 23. They will also be housed in the basement of Allie Young in rooms 030 and 031.
  • Eagle Diversity Education Center (EDEC) will be located in Allie Young 317, 318, and 319. The move times are tentative.
  • The University Call Center will relocate to Allie Young, room 033 at a date to be determined. 
  • MSU Teach will now be in Lloyd Cassity rooms 101, 102, and 109.
  • Student Success will be located in the former Rowan County School Central Office and will be moving to that location on June 1.
  • Student Activities will begin moving on June 6 and also be located in the former Rowan County School Central Office.
  • Admissions and Financial Aid will also be moving into the former Rowan County School Central office the last week in July.
  • The temporary dining facility is scheduled to be open by the second week of June - Third Streets Eats, located behind Lappin Hall. 
  • The former Central Office will have a formal name finalized by August 1. 

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