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Undergraduate Curriculum

The undergraduate curriculum process is administered by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. The Committee examines and evaluates all undergraduate curricular offerings with the exception of general education offerings.   Dr. Clarenda Phillips, Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs/Academic Programs is the Committee Chair. Click here for current Undergraduate Curriculum Committee Members 

UGC Fall 2015 Meeting Schedule
UGC Spring 2016 Meeting Schedule

Curriculum proposals must be received by the University Curriculum Committee before February 16 (to be heard at the March meeting) in order to ensure changes are in the fall 2016 catalog.

Curriculum Proposal Forms and Instructions

Undergraduate Curriculum Proposal Development and Submission Guidelines
This document includes information for all proposal types. The form also includes the MSU Syllabus Checklist and the Curriculum Map Template. 

Type I: Minor Curriculum Change of Current Course or Program
This outline is to be used to report a minor modification of previously approved courses or programs. Minor changes do not modify course content. If the course content is to be modified, use the Type II proposal.

Type II: New Course Proposal or Major Revision to Existing Course
This outline is to be used when a new course is proposed or a major change is proposed to an existing course.

Type IIA: General Education Course Proposal. Please refer to the General Education site on the MyMoreheadState portal.

Type III - Revision of Existing Program or Creation of a Minor or Certificate Program Revision or Creation of a Minor or Certificate
This outline is to be used for program revisions or the creation of a minor/track or certificate. Each revised or new course included in the proposal requires a separate Type II proposal.  An amended curriculum map must be attached to each Type III proposal.

Type IV: New Undergraduate Program

  • Notification of Intent 
    The CPE Academic Programs Liaison must post the notification of intent at least 6 months prior to the submission of the pre-proposal.
  • Pre-Proposal Form
    The Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs will notify the initiator when the proposal is posted to the CPE web site.
  • Full Proposal Form
    Once notified of the proposal being posted to the CPE web site, the initiator will begin step 1 of the full proposal request.

Type V: Experimental Course/Workshop Proposal
This outline is to be used when a course is added to the curriculum for experimental or workshop purposes. To continue to offer the course after the initial three offerings, the department must submit a Type II New Course Proposal.

Type VI: Course Reinstatement/Suspension/Deletion or Program Reinstatement/Deletion
This outline is to be followed for program or course deletions, suspensions, and reinstatements.

If you have questions at any time during the proposal process, please contact 606-783-2003 or email


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