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Academic Suspension

A student on probation for ONE semester and does not achieve good academic standing after the probation semester is subject to suspension from MSU. During a suspension period, a student will not be eligible to enroll for any credits at Morehead State University. The suspension period is at least one semester and suspended students have the option to appeal. If the appeal is approved, the student can be reinstated with conditions put forth by the Academic Standards and Appeals Committee. If the appeal request is denied, the student must set out for one full semester before reapplying to the University.

Academic Reinstatement

If a student can document extraordinary circumstances that prevented him/her from achieving an acceptable grade point average for the semester and the intent is to remain enrolled for the spring 2019 semester, the suspension may be appealed by completing the steps outlined in the Suspension Appeal Guidelines. The Academic Standards and Appeals Committee will review the appeal documentation and the student’s academic record to render a determination. The student should take the following steps concerning the appeal:

  1. Read Suspension Appeal Guidelines carefully as a designated deadline is listed.
  2. Submit the Suspension Appeal Form by the designated deadline.
  3. Submit the Action Plan, if not already on file, by the designated deadline. (The form should have been completed during the fall 2018 semester).

For more information, contact the Office of Academic Advising and Retention at or 606-783-2084.