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The MSU College Readiness Mathematics program will provide you with the tools to become proficient in the skills you'll need to succeed in the mathematics courses required for your degree. All enhanced mathematics courses at MSU are taught in the  MSU Testing Center


Which math course should I take? 

Incoming students who have an ACT subtest score in mathematics of less than 19 are required to take the KYOTE placement test. The results of the test will determine which enhanced math courses you'll need to take. The KYOTE placement test is administered through the Department of Mathematics and Physics. For information about taking the KYOTE test, call 606-783-2930.  

Morehead State offers three enhanced courses in mathematics. Pre-Algebra (MATH 090) enhances logical reasoning and helps students develop methods of solving and graphing linear equations and problems involving real-life applications. Beginning Algebra (MATH 091) helps students improve their mathematical foundation by helping students further develop logical thinking and problem solving skills. The final college readiness math course, Intermediate Algebra (MATH 093), prepares students to take College Algebra, which is a required course for many degrees.

If your ACT Math score was less than 19, and you are pursuing a non-STEM degree, you will enroll in MATH 090 followed by your general education course, either MATH 131 or MATH 135.  If your ACT math score was less than 19 and you are pursuing a STEM degree, you must take MATH 091 followed by MATH 093. If your ACT score was 19 and you're a STEM major, you must enroll in MATH 093 to prepare for college algebra.

Student Goals

  • Prepare for a general education math course.
  • Communicate accurately and effectively.
  • Think and reason analytically.
  • Function responsibly in the natural, social and technological environment.
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