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Teaching Tuesday

Teaching Tuesday is a bi-monthly publication prepared by the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning (FCTL) and distributed by the Office of the Provost throughout the fall and spring semesters. Content includes articles on excellence in teaching, tips on using Blackboard and announcements for conferences and other sources of shared best practices in teaching.

Volume 2

  • Issue 1- It Takes a Campus Community: Supporting Students with Visual Impairments
  • Issue 2- Don't Run From Emotions in the Classroom
  • Issue 3- Equity & Inclusion: Making Your Course and Classroom More Inclusive
  • Issue 4- Service Learning News
  • Issue 5- Excerpt: The Chronicle Teaching Newsletter
  • Issue 6- Don't Forget the Classics!
  • Issue 7- Setting Up Class Blogs for Online Courses: Rationale and Tips
  • Issue 8- Bias and Online Teaching
  • Issue 9- Data Mining for a Better Yield

Volume 3

  • Issue 1- One Quick Way to Boost Student Success
  • Issue 2- Teaching Active-Learning Strategies
  • Issue 3- Getting Professors to Talk About Teaching
  • Issue 4- Professional Development Opportunities on Campus
  • Issue 5- How Pausing to Question Students Boosts Learning
  • Issue 6- Once Upon a Time: A Novel Teaching Idea
  • Issue 7- One Way to Help Students Become Knowledge Creators
  • Issue 8- Looking Ahead to Next Semester: Wrestling with Content Collaboratively (Part 1)
  • Issue 9- Looking Ahead to Next Semester: Wrestling with Content Collaboratively (Part 2)
  • Issue 10- How Two Professors Use a 'Grade Insurance' Project to Motivate Students
  • Issue 11- Students in Charge
  • Issue 12- Lecturing, But in a Good Way
  • Issue 13- Know Your Audience: The iGens Have Landed!
  • Issue 14- Using Food for Attention, Participation, and Reflection
  • Issue 15- Avoiding Group Work Divorces
  • Issue 16- Ending Class with Purpose

Volume 4

  • Issue 1- For First-Generation Students, Studying Effectively Doesn’t Always Come Naturally, Instructors Can Help
  • Issue 2- The Unwritten Rules of College
  • Issue 3- Making the Most of Missing Class
  • Issue 4- Why a Professor Tells Students About Her Academic Low Point
  • Issue 5- Can the Lecture Be Saved
  • Issue 6- Imagine You’re An Atom
  • Issue 7- We All Need To Be Data People
  • Issue 8- Culminating Course Projects That Don’t Overwhelm
  • Issue 9- How To Teach A Good First Day Of Class: Advice Guide
  • Issue 10- Giving Students A Say
  • Issue 11- She Sent 1 Email. Grades Increased by 25%
  • Issue 12- Teaching While Introverted

Volume 5

  • Issue 1- Online Engagement Through 'Making Cool Stuff'
  • Issue 2- 6 Tips for Teaching Online and In Person Simultaneously
  • Issue 3- The Secret Weapon of Good Online Teaching: Discussion Forums
  • Issue 4- Reimagining Service Learning in the Digital Age
  • Issue 5- The New Rules of Engagement
  • Issue 6- Ungrading
  • Issue 7- The Staff Are Not OK

Volume 6 

  • Issue 1 - Welcome Back 
  • Issue 2- What I Learned in the Pandemic 
  • Issue 3- Asynchronous Online Discussions Research 
  • Issue 4- The 5 C's of Advising Students 

Volume 7


Workshop Wednesday

Workshop Wednesday is a bi-monthly publication prepared by FCTL and distributed by the Office of the Provost throughout the fall and spring semesters. Content includes announcements for activities and events for students (i.e., tutoring, career fairs, resume workshops), descriptions of selected online webinars for professional development, and any face-to-face workshops, seminars, or invited speakers offered on campus.

Volume 1

Volume 2


Volume 3

Volume 4

Volume 5