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General Education Reform

March 2018-21 General Education Implementation Team

An ad hoc committee tasked with finalizing and implementing the General Education Program.


Once the general education plan is adopted by a majority faculty vote, in order to maintain continuity of thought and familiarity with the proposal, the Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee will be reconstituted as the Implementation Team with the addition of the Director of General Education and the Registrar. The Director of General Education will serve as the chair of the Implementation Team. This team is charged with:
  1. Establishing the parameters for course selection to populate the new general education program.
  2. Soliciting and evaluating initial course proposals (if applicable)
  3. Establishing the recommended assessment framework
  4. Recommending an implementation date which should be no later than Fall 2021.


The General Education Implementation Team recommends an implementation date of Fall 2021.



March 2018-2021 General Education Implementation Team Members

General Education Taskforce:
  • Dr. Mark Graves, Assoc. Professor, English, CCAHSS
  • Dr. Julia Finch, Asst. Professor, Art History, CCAHSS

General Education Council:
  • Dr. Laurie Couch, Assoc. Provost, UESS, AA
  • Dr. Michael Fultz, Professor, Biology, COS
  • Dr. Shannon Harr, Dir. Univ. Assessment and Testing, Ex-Officio
  • Dr. Christopher Beckham, Asst. Professor, Education, COE
  • Dr. John Ernst, Dean, CCAHSS
Chairs/Associate Deans: 
  • Dr. Chuck Lydeard, Dept. Chair, Biology & Chemistry, COS
Faculty Senate: 
  • Dr. Kathryn Lewis, Assoc. Professor, Mathematics, COS
  • Dr. Sue Tallichet (Committee Chair), Professor Sociology, CCAHSS
At Large Faculty/Staff: 
  • Dr. Annie Adams, Professor, English, CCAHSS
  • Sara Larson, Asst. Dir., Academic Advising and Retention, AARE
  • Dr. Michelle Kunz, Professor, Marketing, SCBT
  • Dr. Kathryn Lewis, Assoc. Professor, Mathematics, COS
  • Keith Moore, Registrar, Ex-Officio
  • Kerry Murphy, Interim Registrar, Ex-Officio