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2018-19 Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee

A faculty driven ad hoc committee tasked with evaluating the LUX proposal from an implementation perspective as well as to make any recommended changes to the LUX proposal.


The Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee is charged with examining and modifying, as needed, the current LUX proposal relative to adoption and implementation considerations. The committee's proposal will be submitted to the faculty (as defined below) for a final adoption decision.

I. Evaluation, Implementation Review, and Proposal Development (October 1, 2018 - February 15, 2019)

This committee's review and ultimate proposal development may encompass a variety of information gathering processes to determine views of key constituents including, for example, faculty, librarians, academic advisors, Director of First Year Programs, and teaching staff.

Adoption and implementation considerations for the LUX proposals should address the following:
A.   Alignment with:
  1. The MSU Strategic Plan 2018-2022
  2. SACSCOC standards
  3. CPE rules and regulations
  4. Performance Funding Model and State Metrics
B.   Resource/feasibility analysis:
  1. Ability to deliver based on financial resources
  2. Ability to deliver based on existing faculty expertise
  3. Ability to deliver based on existing advising and systems capabilities
C.   Curricular design analysis with respect to:
  1. Shifting capstone courses from general education to the majors
  2. Impact of restricting general education courses to fewer prefixes
  3. Student progression given course sequencing
  4. Overall curricular impact of not including a first-year seminar as a part of the general education program
D.   Alignment of Goals, Structural Principles, SLOs, and Assessment Strategy

II. Distribution of Final Proposal and Faculty Review (February 15, 2019- March 1, 2019)

The Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee will develop and distribute a summary review of the LUX program and its recommended version to the full faculty. This may include presentations in the way of campus forums or departmental/college meetings. The purpose of these forums/meetings will be to provide information about the recommended program to the faculty. These forums/meetings are not designed to solicit feedback for further modification, rather they are designed to provide information to the faculty regarding the program proposal that will be posted for consideration.

III. Vote on LUX or Modified LUX Program (March 1-15, 2019)

After sharing its program review with the faculty, the Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee will either present the original LUX proposal or a modified LUX proposal to the university faculty (all full-time faculty members) for approval. A simple majority of the votes cast will be required to adopt the LUX proposal.

IV. Implementation (Process Starting March 25, 2019)

Once adopted, in order to maintain continuity of thought and familiarity with the proposal, the Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee will be reconstituted as the Implementation Team with the addition of the Director of General Education and the Registrar. The Director of General Education will serve as the chair of the Implementation Team. This team will establish the parameters for course selection to populate the new general education program, solicit and evaluate initial course proposals, and establish the recommended assessment framework. The Implementation Team will recommend an implementation date which should be no later than Fall 2021, at which point the ongoing management of the general education program will become the responsibility of the General Education Council.
Should the LUX or revised LUX General Education Program not be adopted by the faculty, the current general education program will remain in effect until a new proposal is developed, adopted, and implemented.


In March, after feedback and a further revision of the proposal, it was distributed and voted upon by all full-time faculty members.  The proposal was adopted by majority vote.  The process moved into the Implementation Phase and the Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee was reconstituted as the General Education Implementation Team.  The Director of General Education and Registrar’s office personnel were added, with the Director of General Education serving as chair.



2018-2019 LUX General Education Program Proposal Evaluation & Implementation Review Committee Members:

General Education Taskforce:   
  • Dr. Mark Graves, Assoc. Professor, English, CCAHSS
  • Dr. Julia Finch, Asst. Professor, Art History, CCAHSS
General Education Council:     
  • Dr. Shannon Harr, Dir. Univ. Assessment and Testing, Ex-Officio
  • Ms. Kerry Murphy, Interim Registrar, Ex-Officio
  • Dr. Michael Fultz, Professor, Biology, COS
  • Dr. Christopher Beckham, Asst. Professor, Education, COE
  • Dr. John Ernst, Dean, CCAHSS
Chairs/Associate Deans:           
  • Dr. Chuck Lydeard, Dept. Chair, Biology & Chemistry, COS
Faculty Senate:  
  • Dr. Robin Blankenship, Assoc. Professor, Mathematics, COS
  • Dr. Sue Tallichet (Committee Chair), Professor, Sociology, CCAHSS
At Large Faculty/Staff:   
  • Dr. Michelle Kunz, Professor, Marketing, SCBT
  • Dr. Annie Adams, Professor, English, CCAHSS
  • Sara Larson, Asst. Dir., Academic Advising and Retention, AARE