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Task Force Charge


In light of the ongoing shifting landscape of higher education nationally and in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and in keeping with Morehead State University’s commitment to providing students with an exceptional educational experience, the faculty ad hoc General Education Review Task Force (GERTF) was charged to conduct a thorough GERTF was tasked to accomplish the following by the end of the spring 2017 semester: assessment of Morehead State University’s General Education program.

Specifically, the committee will:
  1. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the present General Education Program that includes but is not limited to faculty and student responses to the program, program structure, delivery, efficiency, relevance to mission, cost, impact on student learning, and student preparation for post-graduation success.  
  2. Review and become familiar with national best practice standards in General Education.
  3. Evaluate the extent to which Morehead State’s General Education Program is consistent with national best practice standards.
  4. Submit a report that addresses points 1-3 above. Recommend changes as necessary to ensure Morehead State University’s General Education Program is in alignment with national best practice standards, is consistent with institutional priorities outlined in ASPIRE, and meets the needs of our students.  Recommended changes must be supported by a compelling rationale.”
  5. Submit the report to the Steering Committee, General Education Council, Provost, and the President.

The GERTF submitted its report, titled Report of the General Education Review Task Force, on May 24, 2017.  Following its comprehensive study, the GERTF recommended that the Morehead State University General Education program should be revised.  Specifically, the GERTF report stated:

The Task Force recommends that we reconvene during fall semester 2017 to put forth a set of formal recommendations for change to the General Education program. The primary aim of these recommendations will be to craft a General Education program excellent in purpose, content, scope, and delivery. We believe strongly that such changes are possible and that they would maximize Morehead State University’s efforts to continue to serve as “A Light to the Mountains.”

In particular, we advocate for a General Education program at Morehead State with a unified vision that students can clearly articulate and recognize its purpose. Simultaneously, we should strive to create a distinctive program with appeal for not only current students, but also prospective students and their parents, employers, alumni, staff, and faculty.

As a result, the General Education Review Task Force does hereby formally request the approval and support of the Provost and the Vice President of Academic Affairs in continuing the work we have begun in making the General Education program at MSU a model of academic excellence and a source of admiration.

The General Education Review Steering Committee (GERSC) received and reviewed the General Education Review Task Force’s Report. The GERSC concurred with the GERTF report and recommended that, “significant and substantive changes be made to the MSU’s General Education Program. The GERSC recommended that the GERTF continue its work and be charged to develop and recommend a revised General Education Program with a corresponding assessment plan.”


In light of the above recommendations, the General Education Review Task Force is charged to develop and submit a revised General Education Plan Proposal.  Specifically, the GERTF is tasked to accomplish the following:

  1. Develop a revised General Education Plan Proposal, to include a corresponding assessment plan, during the fall 2017 term.
  2. Submit the revised General Education Plan Proposal by the end of the fall 2017 term to the General Education Review Steering Committee, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the General Education Council, and the President.