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Tutoring & Learning Center

Tutoring Services

The Tutoring and Learning Center will continue to provide a safe, online tutoring experience for students. Tutoring services at MSU are provided FREE of charge to current students. The majority of tutoring appointments will be online. In the case that you would like to request a face-to-face tutoring appointment, please contact the Coordinator of Tutoring Services at 606-783-2034 or Also, your tutor will communicate with you prior to the appointment to provide a WebEx link to the appointment. We are excited to continue providing FREE, online tutoring!

All tutoring appointments can be scheduled through TutorTrac. When scheduling in TutorTrac, please provide in the notes some details of the topics in which you need assistance. All tutoring appointments will be online using WebEx. This platform is integrated into your student account. Tutors will send a scheduled link request to your email; the request will include the link to the appointment, and a calendar event is created to remind you of the appointment.

Having TutorTrac trouble or can’t find a tutor? No worries! Contact for assistance. The tutor to student connection rates is generally less than a day.
TutorTrac is a tool that allows you to schedule tutoring appointments online. Once scheduled, your appointment will occur on the date and time scheduled.
Tutors will not help you while you are taking online tests or quizzes. They may help you prepare for your tests or quizzes and also assist with understanding of concepts.

NOTE: Writing tutors will help with writing, but they may not be able to tutor specific content for your particular course. Writing tutors will not edit or rewrite papers. You are responsible for writing and editing your own papers. If you have specific writing or editing questions, contact the tutor.
If you have any problems or concerns about tutoring, email or call 606-783-2084.