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2017-18 General Education Review Taskforce

A continuing ad hoc group tasked with developing and submitting a revised general education plan proposal.


In light of the findings and recommendations of the 2016-2017 General Education Review Task Force, the 2017-2018 Taskforce is charged to develop and submit a revised General Education Plan Proposal. Specifically, the GERTF is tasked to accomplish the following:

  • Develop a revised General Education Plan Proposal, to include a corresponding assessment plan, during the fall 2017 term.
  • Submit the revised General Education Plan Proposal by the end of the fall 2017 term to the General Education Review Steering Committee, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs, the General Education Council, and the President.  


The 2017-2018 General Education Review Taskforce submitted The LUX General Education Program Proposal on March 26, 2018. The proposal was approved by the General Education Council and the approval was forwarded to Faculty Senate.  The Faculty Senate adopted a resolution to defer on its response, expressing the need for further review. Dr. Bob Albert, Interim Provost, established an ad hoc Evaluation and Implementation Review Committee for 2018-2019.



2017-18 General Education Review Taskforce Members

  • Dr. Christopher Schroeder (Chair), Professor, Mathematics
  • Dr. Christopher Beckham, Asst. Professor, Education
  • Dr. Julia Finch, Asst. Professor, Art History
  • Ms. Cyndi Gibbs, Assoc. Professor, Imaging Sciences
  • Dr. Mark Graves, Assoc. Professor, English
  • Dr. Lynn Geurin, Assoc. Professor, Social Work
  • Dr. Connie Hardesty, Assoc. Professor, Sociology
  • Dr. Kenneth Henderson, Assoc. Professor, Marketing
  • Dr. Nilesh Joshi, Assoc. Professor, Eng. and Tech. Management
  • Dr. David Peyton, Professor, Biology
  • Dr. Gilbert Remillard, Assoc. Professor, Psychology
  • Dr. Melinda Willis, Assoc. Professor, Education
  • Dr. Shannon Harr (ex officio), Director University Assessment and Testing