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General Education Review Taskforce

In light of the ongoing shifting landscape of higher education nationally and in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and in keeping with Morehead State University’s commitment to providing students with an exceptional educational experience, the faculty ad hoc General Education Review Task Force (GERTF) was charged to conduct a thorough GERTF was tasked to accomplish the following by the end of the spring 2017 semester: assessment of Morehead State University’s General Education program.

Specifically, the committee will:

  1. Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the present General Education Program that includes but is not limited to faculty and student responses to the program, program structure, delivery, efficiency, relevance to mission, cost, impact on student learning, and student preparation for post-graduation success.  
  2. Review and become familiar with national best practice standards in General Education.
  3. Evaluate the extent to which Morehead State’s General Education Program is consistent with national best practice standards.
  4. Submit a report that addresses points 1-3 above. Recommend changes as necessary to ensure Morehead State University’s General Education Program is in alignment with national best practice standards, is consistent with institutional priorities outlined in ASPIRE, and meets the needs of our students.  Recommended changes must be supported by a compelling rationale.”
  5. Submit the report to the Steering Committee, General Education Council, Provost, and the President.

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2017-18 Members:

  • Christopher Schroeder (Chair), Professor, Mathematics
  • Christopher Beckham, Asst. Professor, Education
  • Julia Finch, Asst. Professor, Art History
  • Cyndi Gibbs, Assoc. Professor, Imaging Sciences
  • Mark Graves, Assoc. Professor, English
  • Lynn Geurin, Assoc. Professor, Social Work
  • Connie Hardesty, Assoc. Professor, Sociology
  • Kenneth Henderson, Assoc. Professor, Marketing
  • Nilesh Joshi, Assoc. Professor, Eng. and Tech. Management
  • David Peyton, Professor, Biology
  • Gilbert Remillard, Assoc. Professor, Psychology
  • Melinda Willis, Assoc. Professor, Education
  • Shannon Harr (ex officio) - data collection and evaluation
  • Morehead (Residential Campus)
    150 University Blvd., Morehead, KY 40351
  • Admissions
    121 E. Second St., Morehead, KY 40351
  • Financial Aid
    121 E. Second St., Morehead, KY 40351
  • Accounting & Financial Services (Student Billing)
    207 Howell-McDowell, Morehead, KY 40351
  • Registrar
    201 Ginger Hall, Morehead, KY 40351
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