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Academic Honors Students Association

The Academic Honors Students Association (AHSA) is a student-managed division of the honors program that seeks to expand the network of students within the George M. Luckey, Jr. Honors program and to further integrate the organization with the faculty and administration of Morehead State University. The honors association does this by promoting community, providing opportunities for leadership, encouraging educational enhancement through research and overseas experiences and by fostering an overall environment geared towards serving the surrounding community.

For more information on how to get involved, reach out to the Officers listed below.

  • Gabe O'Hara - Director of Committees (President)
  • Abbey Whaley - Chair of Philanthropy and Community Service
  • Josh Griffin - Chair of Finance
  • Minh Tran - Chair of Research and Overseas Experiences
  • Brianna Haynes - Chair of Programming


HONour Watch

Honour Watch is a newsletter for honors students created by honors students. Honour Watch provides reports and updates on events such as the Celebration of Student Scholarship, and highlights internships/study abroad experiences, research and awards of honors students at MSU. For more information, contact honors student and Editor-in-Chief, Jeremy Copley