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2019-20 College Course Placement Chart

Students should use the following guidelines to determine their need for placement testing.

Scores chart updated on 2/12/19.

ACT/SAT Scores Determining Need for Placement Tests (2019-20)

  English Math Reading
ACT Less than 18 Less than 19 Less than 20
SAT Less than 480 on the Evidence-based Reading and Writing Test OR less than 25 on the Writing and Language Test Less than 500 Less than 480 on the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing OR less than 25 on the Reading Test


Placement Test Cut Scores (2019-20)

Test Score Placement
KYOTE College Readiness Math

All math placement is dependent upon student's major. Check with your advisor.
22 and above*

21 and below
MATH 131 or 135

MATH 131E or 135E

KYOTE College Algebra

14 and above

13 and below
MATH 152

KYOTE Writing Test 6 "College Ready"

5 "Not College Ready"
ENG 100

ENG 100E
KYOTE Reading 20 and above

19 and below

FYS 101

FYS 101E
(prior to 1/28/19)

ACCUPLACER Next Generation Writing
(after 1/28/19)
92 and above

91 and below

244 and above

243 and below
ENG 100

ENG 100E

ENG 100

ENG 100E
*Students receiving a score of 22 or above on the KYOTE College Readiness Math test can take the KYOTE Algebra test if necessary for their major.
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