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Private swim lessons

Our private swim lessons offer one-on-one sessions taught by our student instructors. Lesson are requested and scheduled through our aquatics team leader of programming and safety via email. Please understand that our instructors are MSU students and will do their best to coordinate your requested time for lessons with their academic schedule.

** Please note: If there is a needed cancellation, please notify the aquatic team leader 24 hours prior to the swim lesson. Any cancellation after 24 hours will not be rescheduled and the participant will be charged for the cancelled swim lesson. If the participant is ill more than once, or there are extenuating circumstances, we will attempt to make up any lessons, but this is not always possible.

Once the request form has been received, the Aquatics Team Leader of Programming and Safety will reach out to you via email with potential days and times that work with the instructor and your availability.
Please send the completed form to

The Swim Lesson packages that we offer at Morehead State University Recreation and Wellness Center are:

  • One swim lesson, 30 minutes, for ages 1-5, $20.
  • One swim lesson, 45 minutes, older than 5, $20.
  • Three lesson package, 30 minutes, for ages 1-5, $50.
  • Three lesson package, 45 minutes, older than 5, $50.
  • Five lesson package, 30 minutes for ages 1-5, $85.
  • Five lesson package, 45 minutes, older than 5, $85.

*If you have more than one child or participant, please let us know in your email to the aquatics team leader. We will do our best to keep participants together so long as each participants skills are at a similar level.

Learn-To-Swim Course Descriptions:

  • Level one: This level focuses on the fundamentals of swimming including water independence, coordinated arm and leg movements and proper body positioning. Floating with minimal support as well as kicking with support is practiced. Basic coordinated arm and leg movements on front and back will also be a part of this class.
  • Level two: Arm and leg movements will become more defined in this level as coordinated breathing is introduced. Swimming on the back, basic water survival skills and an introduction to deep water will also be highlighted.
  • Level three: Increasing strength and endurance is the primary focus of the level as the participants will begin swimming lengths of the pool. Elementary backstroke and sidestroke are introduced.
  • Level four: Swimming distance will be increased significantly in this level as proper turns, backstroke and butterfly are introduced.
  • Level five: Endurance and technique are further developed and challenged. Flip turns are introduced.
  • Level six: Lifetime fitness philosophy is used to motivate fine tuning of stroke techniques. Basic competitive swimming concepts are also taught.

POOL Party Reservations

The swimming pool is available to host your party on Saturdays with several times: 12-2 p.m., 2:15 - 4:15 p.m., and 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. Pool parties can be reserved by calling the front desk at 606-783-2083 during normal business hours. Full payment is required at the time of reservation.
  • The price is $200 which includes exclusive use of the swimming pool just for your group. The pool inflatables and staffing costs are included in the price.
  • Each party can have up to 40 people. We do not allow any parties over 40 people.
  • Parties can bring basic food items such as cake, cupcakes and drinks.
  • Parties are required to bring their own utensils, napkins, cups, plates, etc.
  • Outside catering is not allowed. If a party would like to have food catered, they must contact Dining Services.
  • The wet classroom is available for use during each pool party. Parties may decorate the room, but cannot use any materials that will damage the existing paint, structure, tables, equipment, etc. Any party causing damage will be 100% responsible for covering the cost of any repairs.
  • Pool party guests may park in the lot directly in front of the Recreation Center.
  • Upon arriving at the facility, pool parties will enter and exit through the pool patio gates.
  • Parties are for 2 hours. We encourage the first hour and a half for swimming and pool activities and the last 30 minutes for cake and gifts.
  • Parties that fail to leave at the end of their reservation or leave an excess of trash, dirt, etc. will be charged a $50 fee.
  • No refunds are given to parties that cancel their reservations. No exceptions.
  • Pool parties may use the locker rooms just off the pool deck but are not allowed in the weight room, courts, or second floor areas of the facility.

Contact the front desk at 606-783-2083 for more information. Payment is due at the time of reservation.

American Red Cross Courses

The Recreation and Wellness Center is an authorized provider for the American Red Cross. We host a variety of Red Cross courses throughout the year, including:

For more information, contact Jason Hilton at 606-783-2270.