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Traditional Music Course Offerings

Traditional Music History

  • MUSH 261 - Global Musical Experience (Folk and Country, Fall and Spring Semesters)
  • MUSH 338 - Traditional Music History I  (Spring Semester)  
  • MUSH 339 - Traditional Music History II  (Fall Semester)
  • MUSH 340 - Traditional Music History III   (Spring Semester)   

Traditional Music Theory

  • MUST 103 - Practical Theory for the Traditional Musician (Fall Semester)
  • MUST 104 - Traditional Vocal Harmony (Spring Semester)
  • MUST 345 - Aural Skills (Fall Semester)
  • MUST 445 - Chart Writing and Application (Spring Semester)

Recording Arts

  • MUSW 325 - Music Recording and Sound Reinforcement (Spring Semester)

Performance and Recital Classes

  • MUSP 200 - Performance Class  
  • MUSM 200 - Student Recital
  • MUSP 400 - Performance Class 
  • MUSM 400 - Student Recital

Ensemble Classes (Fall and Spring Semesters)

To enroll in a traditional music ensemble, contact our office at 606-783-9001. All ensemble students must enroll in Private Instruction on the principal instrument they wish to play. 
  • MUSM 183 Tradional Music Ensemble - Introductory Ensemble
  • MUSM 383 Traditional Music Ensemble - Bluegrass Band
  • MUSM 383 Traditional Music Ensemble - Old Time Country Band
  • MUSM 383 Traditional Music Ensemble - Old Time String Band
  • MUSM 383 Traditional Music Ensemble - Celtic Band
  • MUSM 383 Traditional Music Ensemble - Traditional Vocal Ensemble
  • MUSM 383 Traditional Music Ensemble - Blues Band
  • MUSM 683 Traditional Music Ensemble - Graduate Level Ensemble

Private Applied (Fall and Spring Semesters)

  • Bluegrass Banjo (A)
  • Old Time Banjo (B)
  • Mandolin (C)
  • Traditional Guitar (D)
  • Country Electric Guitar (E)
  • Upright Traditional Bass (F)
  • Dobro (G)
  • Mountain Dulcimer (H)
  • BG and Country Fiddle (I)
  • Old Time Fiddle (J)
  • Celtic Fiddle (K)
  • Traditional Voice (V)
  • Special Traditional Instrument  (L) (such as autoharp, hammered dulcimer, bagpipes or other instrument not listed above)

Enroll in Private Applied instruction

Traditional music private applied courses are listed in the course catalog as MUSP 138, 238, 338 and 438 followed by a letter. For example, 238A is Bluegrass Banjo at the 200 level. To enroll in a private instruction course, first contact our office at 606-783-9001, or visit our office at 185 East First Street, Morehead KY then please register through WebAdvisor. Following the guidelines below will assure that you sign up for the correct private instruction course. The number of credit hours must be manually changed by the student.   

Students not seeking the Traditional Music Major or Minor and students who have been admitted, on a provisional basis, to the Traditional Music major or minor, as determined by audition should enroll at the 100 level (MUSP138*-***). This course is not counted among requirements for the BA in Traditional Music or the Traditional Music Minor, but will count toward the Minor in Appalachian Studies or may be considered an elective.

Students who have auditioned and are fully admitted and declared as a Traditional Music major or minor should enroll at the 200 level (MUSP 238). Concurrent enrollment in Traditional section of MUSP 200 (Performance Class) and MUSM 200 (Recital Class) is required.

Students who are declared as a Traditional Music major or minor who wish to study a second instrument should enroll at the 300 level (MUSP 338).

Declared Traditional Music Majors who have successfully completed all requirements of the Upper Division Assessment should enroll at the 400 level (MUSP438). Concurrent enrollment in Traditional Music section of MUSP 400 (Performance Class) and MUSM 400 (Recital Class) is required.

Students admitted to MSU’s Graduate School with appropriate experience may enroll at the 600 level (MUSP 638) after audition.