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Educators in TheatreWhat is this year’s workshop?

Coming soon ….

Last Year’s Tour

This is My Heart for You Tour Spring 2020
Written by Silas House
"This is My Heart For You" combines lyrical dialogue with striking movement, blending the conscious and subconscious, to tell the heart-warming tale of young people trying to find love and acceptance in their close-knit community. When two boys are kicked out of their local swimming pool for exhibiting gay behavior it sets off a firestorm in their town, dividing everyone, and plunging their town into a national scandal. Will the boys be able to find  acceptance within their community? With themes of love, acceptance, finding yourself and being true to yourself, this show will take you on an emotional journey. 

Tour Cast

Team 1:
  • Jon Duncan – Jesse
  • Jacob Dowell – Randy
  • Alyssa Francis – Chatty / Thalia Stacey
  • Andrea Cox – Willa / Mindy Jo
  • Dejah Garner – Michelle
  • Ruby Harr – Caleb / Mason
Team A:
  • Hailey Sanford – Jesse
  • Cassidy Stearman – Callie / Mason
  • Jacob Dowell – Randy
  • Eden Jordan – Michelle
  • Haylee Ferrell – Chatty / Thalia Stacey
  • Mackenzie Gabbard – Willa / Mindy Jo

How can I book a workshop?

Included in the workshop, you will receive
 a study guide designed to provide information, ideas, and examples for enriching minds through the lens of Ted Tally’s Terra Nova.
Our study guide traverses several school subjects, and should be useful to every teacher.
  • One-hour workshop - $100

  • Two-hour workshop - $150

Our tour starts January 22, 2019 and runs through May 2, 2019. Every Tuesday and Thursday is available for booking.

Contact The Little Company at 606-783-2545 or

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