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Social Work

Social work is a profession for those who find fulfillment and reward in making a difference in the everyday lives of individuals. Specifically, social workers help those in need of critical resources including: medical and mental health services, income maintenance, child welfare and protection, domestic violence intervention, and assistance for the elderly. Social work also offers the opportunity to improve the community and make it a better place to live. The bachelor's of social work (BSW) prepares students as generalist practitioners for entry-level professional practice.

Students in our program gain hands-on experience through participation in undergraduate research fellowships. Our program also offers numerous opportunities for students to network with career professionals and gain experiences through involvement in organizations like the Student Association of Social Work.


Public Child Welfare Certification

The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family services has implemented the Public Child Welfare Certification Program (PCWCP) at MSU along with 10 other university undergraduate social work programs in order to better serve the children and families in this state. The goal of this program is to fill child welfare with the most competent and well-trained social workers who can provide high quality services immediately following employment. The program offers undergraduate social work juniors and seniors their academic program while they participate in the cabinet's child welfare training curricula. Learn more.


MSU also provides the option of obtaining a master's in social work at the Morehead State University campus, via the University of Kentucky (contact Terry Stivers at 606-783-2409).

Program Requirements

Students must first complete the general MSU admission requirements. The BSW Program has a selective admission procedure.

  1. Be unconditionally admitted to MSU through the University's Office of Enrollment Services.
  2. Declare social work as an area. 
    a) Meet with assigned faculty advisor. 
    b) Apply for admission prior to taking  SWK 325 - Social Work Generalist Perspective    
    c) Obtain and complete application and complete the online Interest Profiler. File the application, an unofficial transcript, a copy of current program evaluation, the Interest Profiler results, and personal statement with advisor one week prior to interview with the faculty advisor.
  3. The program director, in collaboration with program faculty, will determine and announce each semester's schedule for students to apply for admission. The program director will schedule faculty conferences on individual student evaluations as needed as described in paragraph 4.
  4. The student's advisor will meet with the candidate after reviewing all of the material presented by the student and any recommendations made by other faculty. If all is in order, the faculty member will forward applications to the Admission Committee for selection. If there are any exceptions to the standard criteria, the Admission Committee will make one of four determinations 
    a) Approved - all admission criteria have been met and the faculty believes the student has demonstrated the values of social work 
    b) Conditional approval (probation) - one or more of the admission criteria has not been met but the faculty believe that the student can complete the deficiencies within a specified time frame. 
    c) Pending - student does not meet admission criteria but will be reconsidered once all criteria are met. 
    d) Denied - student does not meet admission criteria.
  5. Students must meet requirements for Kentucky Board of Social Work Licensing.

Admission Criteria

Applicants to the BSW Program Advanced Standing are selected based upon the following criteria:

  1. Completion of 60 credit hours of the required pre-social work courses as listed on the curriculum map;
  2. Completion of or enrollment in SWK 210  - Orientation to Social Work, SWK 230  - Social Welfare History and Ethics; and
  3. Achievement of an overall and Social Work GPA of 2.5 and grade of "C" or above in all Social Work Core courses.

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Curriculum Maps

For a complete list of program requirements and additional course information, visit the undergraduate catalog website.

Career Opportunities

Some may believe that all social workers are employed in the Department of Community Based Services. While this is one viable place of employment for individuals with a social work degree, there are numerous other areas of social work and places for employment. Morehead State University alumni with a bachelors in social work are employed in state, local, and regional social service agencies including: health, hospice and eldercare, rehabilitation, domestic violence shelters, substance abuse treatment as well as many other agencies.

Graduates of our social work program become advocates for those in need of critical human resources and may work to improve:

  • Anti-violence facilities
  • Assistance for the elderly
  • Child welfare and protection
  • Domestic violence intervention
  • Family planning and preservation
  • Income maintenance
  • Medical and mental health services
  • Services for the homeless
  • Substance abuse prevention  

MSU's Career Services offers career planning, interview and resume preparation assistance, internship placement, and services to help you find a job after you graduate.

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  • MSU at Ashland
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  • MSU at Mt. Sterling
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  • MSU at Prestonsburg
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