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Student Organizations

Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Criminology Honors Fraternity

As a member of Lambda Alpha Epsilon you will be part of an organization that is brand new and growing on MSU’s campus. 

This year, Lambda Alpha Epsilon will participate in fundraising events in an effort to host a Police Ball to honor and show appreciation to the different police departments in the Morehead community.  

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Student Association of Gender Equality (SAGE)

The Student Association of Gender Equality is a feminist and activist organization on campus and serves as a support system for students interested in discussing gender equality and empowerment issues.

As a member of SAGE, you will have opportunities to network with other campus organizations including the American Association of University Women. In the past, SAGE has organized “Ask a Feminist” panels and has collaborated with the Women’s Studies program to bring professional speakers to campus.  This year, SAGE is working to bring body confidence workshops to campus and members hope to collaborate with students in the theatre department as they organize a performance of the “Vagina Monologues."



Student Association of Social Work

The Student Association of Social Work (SASW) is a volunteer group of students who support fundraising opportunities and provide financial support for non-profit agencies in the community. As a member of SASW you will gain experience in writing awards, grants and proposals and will have opportunities to develop your leadership and community planning skills through implementing special programs and holding an office.

In the past SASW students have participated in Holiday fundraising to provide gifts for young girls in local residential facilities. Members have participated in “Family Fun Day”, an event for families at risk for abuse and neglect in Rowan County, and members organized a public awareness walk on campus for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities.



Student Association of Human Trafficking (SAHT)

As a member of the Student Association of Human Trafficking (SAHT) you will work with other students to help raise awareness and educate others about the crime of human trafficking.

SAHT has hosted movie nights to raise awareness in the community and has also brought professional speakers like Theresa Flores to campus. This year, SAHT will be collaborating with students from Asbury University and will be organizing a human trafficking awareness conference.


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