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MSUTeach goes beyond the classroom.

Are you a mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology major? MSUTeach is a program with a flexible approach that expands your career opportunities. You’ll have the option of pursuing a STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) career, graduate school, or teaching and sharing your passion with students. Through this program, best teaching practices are integrated within your content area allowing you to complete a Bachelor of Science degree within four years while earning teacher certification. 
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Interested in Teaching?

Register for UTCH 100. It’s open to all students and you get to teach in an authentic classroom. Upon successful completion, you may be eligible to be reimbursed for the class. MSUTeach is a way for STEM majors to get the best of both worlds: to gain a bachelor’s degree your content area (biology, chemistry, earth science, mathematics, or physics) and certification in secondary education. For more information, contact Dr. Edna O. Schack, professor of education, at, or Dr. J. Michael Dobranski, associate professor of mathematics, at

MSUTeach Scholarships

MSU offers three scholarships for students in the MSUTeach program. They include the Reimbursable Scholarship (for UTCH 100 and/or UTCH 150 courses); Sara Lane Volgenau Scholarship and the Noyce Scholarship.
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