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Taskstream Information

The College of Education requires all students to purchase Folio180 during their first semester enrolled in education courses. Purchases can be made at the University Store or online at Subscriptions options are: 7 yr account ($139) or 1 yr account ($50). The College of Education has partnered with Taskstream to improve learning, teaching and the quality of all teacher education programs.
For students who already own a Taskstream account, you may login here.

What is Taskstream?

Taskstream allows you to do the following:
  • Collect academic accomplishments.
  • Obtain feedback on progress made.
  • Transport data and portfolios from school to career.
  • Document education standards and assessment methods.
  • Communicate competencies and assignments.
  • Create portfolios to showcase student accomplishments and critical performances.
  • Evaluate student performances.
  • Document results and recommendations.

How will you use Taskstream?

  • Applying for Clinical Practice
  • Submitting work documenting key assessments, dispositions and field experience hours
  • Receiving assessment results and feedback to enhance improvement
  • Distributing multimedia portfolios to support applications for jobs, internships, scholarships and admissions to schools

Questions about Taskstream

Contact Kristie Williams or 606-783-2731.


Students: Faculty:

Taskstream Waiver

Only students in non-education programs and Occupation Area In-Service Teachers may choose to sign a waiver for using Taskstream. This form must be completed and submitted to the class instructor by the last class day of the second week of the semester. The class instructor must have these forms on file with the Assessment Administrator by the third week of the semester.