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Field Experience

In order to maintain eligibility for teacher certification, each student admitted into the Teacher Education Program must complete the required number of field experience hours as designated by their program of study before they are eligible for clinical practice (student teaching). Refer to the Teacher Education Handbook for a list of the required field experience hours designated for your program of study that must be completed prior to clinical practice.

The Office of Field Experiences coordinates the placement of university students in education programs at designated sites in our clinical practice and field experience network. Morehead State University's Field Experiences represent the core of our education preparation program and serve as a vital part of all professional education courses. Classes requiring field experiences provide a wide range of opportunities for teacher candidates. Each semester the Office of Field Experiences makes approximately 14,000 hours of field placements, which span from foundations to advanced method courses.  Field Experiences are designed to provide teacher candidates with opportunities to view the entire scope of teaching in a classroom setting and to develop skills and self-confidence necessary to be effective teachers. These carefully planed field experiences are woven into every aspect of the teacher education program curriculum. Teacher candidates must fulfill state and university certification requirements and field experience requirements prior to clinical practice. These classes are listed in the Teacher Education Program Handbook.

All teacher education candidates planning to student teach after Fall of 2013 are advised that they must meet revised field experience requirements outlined in the EPSB New Student Teaching Regulations document below. If candidates are unclear about field experience requirements, candidates should consult with their advisor and/or the designated coordinator for their teacher education program.


EDUC 240

Students may get up to 50 Level II & III field hours by taking the EDUC 240 course. Your success in this course will be determined by your ability to read and follow the directions established for this course carefully. MSU's Director of Teacher Education Services, Kathy Frederick is available to meet and answer any questions you have and will email you course directions throughout the semester. Kathy Frederick may be reached at 606-783-2065 or  

Kentucky Field Experience Tracking System (KFETS)

The Kentucky Field Experience Tracking System (KFETS) is an online application for tracking field experiences of teacher candidates enrolled in a Kentucky teacher preparation program and students who plan to enroll in a teacher preparation program in Kentucky. To learn more about field experience requirements and how to create a KFETS account visit the KFETS webpage.
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