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Equestrian Teams

Students with a passion for horses and riding are welcome to join Morehead State's equestrian team. MSU's intercollegiate equestrian team fields Hunt Seat and Western teams that competes within the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, and a Saddle Seat team that competes in the Intercollegiate Saddle Seat Riding Association. Both associations offer showing opportunities for all levels of rider from brand new beginners to open level riders. MSU's teams welcome students from all areas of study. All three teams are part of the Equestrian Club, which is open to anyone interested in the program regardless of experience. Overall, the three teams and club members work as a single entity and make for a great environment to learn and enjoy the equestrian field.

Equestrian Team

Back Row (L-R) Shelley Black, Sierra Ott, Rudy Pohlabeln (Club Secretary), Ryan Turner, Aaron Gray, Jessica House, Ashley Osborn, Sara Misura (Club Historian), Hannah Wagner, Autumn Cox, Brooke Farler, Emma Coleman, Chelsey Pullins and Sydnee Barker.
Front Row (L-R) Dr. Katie Kaufman, Kira Danziger (Club Vice President), Haley Rogers, Lauryn Barnett, Emily Perdue, Audrey Reed (Club Treasurer), Becky Woody, Emma Owens, Adelaide Grindle, Siara Swisher, Elena Botsford, Abby McCutcheon, Anna Edens, Taylor Hicks, Kaitlyn Cox, Emily Shepard, Andrea Robinson, Jordyn Bagnall (Club President) and Equestrian Coach Devin Lintzenich. Not pictured: Lauren Day, Olivia Jenkins and Kenady Vice.

Hunt Seat Team

Back Row (L-R) Emma Owens, Jessie House, Sierra Ott, Abby McCutcheon, Autumn Cox and Anna Edens.
Front Row (L-R) Kira Danziger (Hunt Seat Captain), Audrey Reed, Lauryn Barnett, Emily Perdue, Taylor Hicks, Kaitlyn Cox and Jordyn Bagnall.
Not pictured: Lauren Day.

Saddle Seat Team

Pictured (L-R): Sara Misura, Becky Woody (Saddle Seat Captain), Adelaide Grindle and Ashley Osborn.
Not pictured: Kenady Vice.

Western Seat Team

Back Row (L-R): Shelley Black, Ryan Turner, Sara Misura, Hannah Wagner, Autumn Cox, Brooke Farler, Sydnee Barker and Emma Coleman.
Front Row (L-R): Rudy Pohlabeln, Audrey Reed, Siara Swisher, Elena Botsford, Abby McCutcheon, Chelsey Pullins, Emily Shepard (Western Captain), Andrea Robinson and Jordyn Bagnall.