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Physics, Earth Science, and Space Systems Engineering Play

Whether you're interested in learning more about the behavior of black holes, exomedicine or geological anomalies, the Department of Department of Physics, Earth Science and Space Systems Engineering offers an academically rigorous degree program to prepare you for an exciting career in applied science. 

The Department of Department of Physics, Earth Science and Space Systems Engineering is home to MSU's Program of Distinction, the Bachelor of Science in Space Systems Engineering. One of only a handful of such undergraduate programs in the nation, the space systems engineering program will prepare you for an exciting career in the aerospace industry. Graduates have a near-100 percent job placement rate and work at some of the world's most prestigious aerospace firms, including Rajant Corporation, the Space Dynamics Laboratory and NASA's Johnson Space Center. 

Our Geology and Earth Systems Science program offers opportunities for you to travel to geologic sites across the country and beyond to study a diverse variety of geological features. Graduates of the program have gone on to work for mining companies, government agencies and have launched careers as entrepreneurs by creating their own geologic survey companies.

Our small class sizes ensure you'll receive personal attention from experienced, knowledgeable faculty members who are committed to helping you succeed in the classroom and beyond. You can even work side-by-side with professors conducting groundbreaking research through our Undergraduate Research Fellowship Program. You can begin as early as your freshman year and will have the opportunity to present your findings at MSU's annual Celebration of Student Scholarship and at state, regional and national conferences. 

The best way to learn more about our agriculture programs is to visit MSU. While you're here, you'll get a chance to tour the campus and facilities, talk with faculty members and current students and get a taste of life on campus. 

Apply to MSU and visit to tour the campus and facilities, meet faculty members, sit in on classes and more. 

Alumni Success Stories

See what alumni from the Geology and Earth Systems Science program have to say about their experience at MSU. Learn about the support from faculty and hands-on experience that this program offers. Find out more about scholarships and field opportunities. 

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Star Theater

The Star Theater is MSU’s planetarium. Housed in the Space Science Center, the Star Theater offers educational programs for K-12 students, along with supplemental course materials for teachers. In addition, the Star Theater offers monthly educational programming and laser light shows to the public and the MSU community while serving as a teaching resource for students and faculty.

Star Theater

Star Theatre

Geology Trips

Geology and Earth Systems Science students have the opportunity to conduct hands-on study of rock formations in Kentucky, as well as on trips to locations such as the Grand Canyon, the Canadian Yukon and more.

Exomedicine Center

The newly created Exomedicine Center for Applied Technology allows MSU students to collaborate with scientists, researchers and entrepreneurs to design, develop and execute experiments that will have the opportunity to be carried out aboard the International Space Station (ISS), putting them on the forefront of medical research in space.

Student Feature

Cadence Payne (17) participated in the Undergraduate Research Fellowship program and said working with her mentor Dr. Thomas Panutti, associate professor astrophysics and space science, prepared her for life after graduation. “He would peg me with ideas and suggestions and allow me to take them and run. I appreciate the fact that he guided me in my own thoughts and curiosity rather than providing step-by-step instructions on what to do next.”
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