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The current subcommittees of the EDIT are:

Campus Climate Survey

Members: Joshua Qualls, Timothy Simpson, Jacqueline Graves.
Charge: Create/administer the campus climate survey in 2020 and analyze results for immediate, short-term, and long-term recommendations/action steps to submit to senior leadership.

Bias Response Incident Reporting Mechanism

Members: Shannon Colvin, Julia Hypes, Joshua Qualls, Bernadette Barton.
Charge: Create a bias response incident reporting mechanism for students, staff and faculty to manage timely and appropriate responses to bias incidents.

Campus Displays of Diversity and Inclusion

Members: Asiah Handley, Precious Walker, Stephanie Barker, Cory Clark, Jami Hornbuckle, Russ Mast (ex officio), Adam Yungbluth (ex officio).
Charge: Create displays in various campus settings that promote inclusion, diversity, cultural competence, and the diversity plan action steps in ways that motivate the community to engage in implementing the actions.

Employee Recruitment and Retention

Members: Dirk Grupe, Thomas Kiffmeyer, Bernadette Barton, Michelle McClave, Cory Clark, Julia Hypes, Harold Nally (ex officio).
Charge: Continue the use of strategic recruitment and retention strategies to increase representation of diverse faculty, professional staff and administrators through strategic recruitment and retention efforts.

Cultural Competency and Inclusive Excellence

Members: Dirk Grupe, Shannon Colvin, Rebecca Davison, Thomas Kiffmeyer, Michelle McClave, Julia Hypes, Jami Hornbuckle, Toni Hobbs.
Charge: Explore contracting with an agency specializing in multicultural work to conduct a training of trainers which will result in a team of faculty, staff and students who are prepared to facilitate discussions related to cultural competence and inclusive excellence throughout MSU’s campus.


Members: Thomas Kiffmeyer, Stephanie Barker, Shannon Colvin, Julia Hypes.
Charge: Review the Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity for Employment policy and make recommendations for revisions to the Office of Human Resources.
Completion date: December 13, 2019.