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Academic Issues Committee

The Academic Issues Committee is concerned with policies and regulations that affect faculty effectiveness and instructional effectiveness. Specific areas of concern include:

  • Admission
  • Registration
  • Academic integrity
  • Classroom conditions
  • Evaluation of instructional effectiveness
  • Graduation requirements
  • General education
  • Special academic programs, e. g., Honors Program, provisional studies,
    Regional Campus Programs, etc.
  • Academic calendar issues
  • Student regulations
  • The Committee Chair is a voting member of the General Education Council
    and regularly reports to Faculty Senate about GEC actions.


Current Members

  • Chair: Edna Schack (COE)
  • Anthony Dotson (COS)
  • Joe Dunman (CCAHSS)
  • Ahmad Hassan (COBT)
  • Gary LaFleur (CCAHSS)
  • David Oyen (CCAHSS)
  • Robert Boram (COS)
  • Steve Chen (COBT)
  • Vijay Subramaniam (COS)