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General Education Council Committee

The General Education Council, a University Standing Committee, will be responsible for the management of The General Education Program at Morehead State University. The General Education Council will be chaired by the associate provost for undergraduate education and student success. Council members will address the assessment procedures and course management of the general education curriculum. Additional non-voting member; full-time staff position of Assessment Coordinator to facilitate, collect and maintain analysis of assessment data who will report to the General Education Director and the Council. 

Revision Date: Standing Committee, initiated April 2009. Revised June, 2010, Revised September, 2011, Revised November 2011; November 2017. 

Purpose: To establish, direct and maintain The General Education Program at Morehead State University. 

Specific areas of review include but are not limited to: 
· Program assessment 
· Program course selection and approval 
· Program structure 


  1. Associate Provost (Chair)
  2. Associate Provost (non-voting)
  3. Registrar or representative of the Registrar's office (non-voting) 
  4. Accreditation Officer appointed by the Provost (non-voting) Assessment Coordinator 
  5. Department Chair or Equivalent 
  6. Department Chair or Equivalent 
  7. Chair-Elect of the Faculty Senate (voting) 
  8. Faculty Member At-Large 10-13 
  9. Faculty Member At-Large 10-13 
  10. Faculty Member representing Elmer R. Smith College of Business and Technology
  11. Faculty Member representing College of Education 
  12. Faculty Member representing Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences 
  13. Faculty Member representing College of Science and Technology 
  14. Faculty Member At-Large 
  15. Faculty Member At-Large 
  16. Faculty Member At-Large 
  17. Faculty Member At-Large 
  18. Dean of Library Services or his or her representative 
  19. First-Year Seminar Coordinator (ex officio, voting)

Membership Rules: 
The Associate Provost will chair the General Education Council. 

  1. Faculty Members representing their college must be tenured faculty. They will serve offset three year terms. 
  2. The At-Large Faculty Members must routinely teach General Education courses. They will serve offset three year terms. 
  3. No two voting faculty members will be from the same department. No Faculty Member or Department Chair or Equivalent can serve more than two consecutive terms. After two consecutive terms a member can only serve again after he or she has been off the committee for at least one year. 
  4. The Chair-Elect of the Faculty Senate will serve a one year term and be responsible for communications between the General Education Council and the Faculty Senate. In the case where the Chair-Elect is already serving on the General Education Council, or is unable to serve, the Chair of the Faculty Senate will appoint a different faculty senator from the Executive Council. 
  5. Departmental membership restrictions do not apply to the First Year Seminar Coordinator and the Chair-elect of the Faculty Senate. 
  6. Department Chairs or Equivalent must be from different colleges and will serve offset three year terms. 
  7. Any committee member may invite non-voting visitors to the Council to provide advising and input as deemed appropriate. 

Membership Selection Process:
All faculty members on this Council, except the position of Chair-Elect of the Faculty Senate, will be approved by vote of the Faculty Senate. Associate Provost, with the Vice-Chair and the Chair Elect of the Faculty Senate, will submit to the Faculty Senate the name of an eligible faculty member for each open position on the General Education Council. The Faculty Senate will either approve or reject each faculty candidate by majority vote. In the event the Senate rejects a candidate, the Chair-Elect of the Senate may nominate another candidate for that position. Department Chairs or Equivalent will be selected by the Chairs Council of the University. The approval process will be completed in the Spring Semester for the appointments to start in the Fall Semester. 

Support Staff: Staff Assessment Coordinator to facilitate the collection, maintenance, and analysis of assessment data collected by the general education council. 

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Direct, implement, and supervise the assessment process for The General Education Program 
  • Evaluate, process and approve General Education courses 
  • Recommend and approve suggestions for improvement for The General Education Program 

Officers: Officers will be selected as follows: 1) Chair will be the Associate Provost; 2) Secretarial support will be supplied from the Office of the Provost; 3) Vice Chair to be elected by the membership of the General Education Council. 

Frequency of Meetings: Full committee is required to meet a minimum of once per academic year. 

Minutes and Proposals to: Faculty Senate and Provost’s Office 

Support Services: Office of the Provost. 

Initial appointments for first General Education Council for Fall 2009 

Terms of appointment for members of the General Education Council will be offset to allow for staggered appointments for different years. For the initial committee, some members will initially be appointed for two years to allow for the offset terms.

Initial Council Members to be approved for appointment: 
The (year) will indicate when the initial term ends. 
1. Department Chair or Equivalent (2011)
2. Department Chair or Equivalent (2012)
3. Faculty Member At-Large (2010-2013)
4. Faculty Member At-Large (2010-2013)
5. Faculty Member (College of Business and Public Affairs) (2011)
6. Faculty Member (College of Education) (2011)
7. Faculty Member (Caudill College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences) (2012)
8. Faculty Member (College of Science and Technology) (2012)
9. Faculty Member At-Large (2011) 
10. Faculty Member At-Large (2011) 
11. Faculty Member At-Large (2012) 
12. Faculty Member At-Large (2012)
13. Dean of Library Services or his or her representative 

The initial seating of faculty to positions on this Council will be coordinated by the Senate Governance Committee in consultation with The Office of the Provost. The Provost will appoint who is to represent the Provost’s office if he or she is not able to assist with the process. Faculty members will be determined and approved by vote of the Faculty Senate as indicated in the section on Membership Selection. 

It is recommended that Council members asked to serve initial appointments will be notified by July 15 with the official approval process concluded before September 10. 



The procedure for resignation from a University Standing Committee is written notification to the University Standing Committee chairperson, Faculty Senate secretary, and the faculty member’s Department Chair. In the absence of a University Standing Committee Chairperson, the notification may be sent to the Faculty Senate secretary and the faculty member’s Department Chair.
  • Laurie Couch, Associate Provost, Position Filled - Chair
  • Shannon Harr, Assessment Coordinator-OUAT, Position Filled - Non-Voting
  • Chris Shroeder, Department Chair, 2019-22
  • Greg Corso, Dept. Chair , 2019-22
  • Keith Moore, Registrar, Position Filled - Non-Voting
  • Christina Conroy, First Year Seminar Coordinator, Ex-Officio Voting
  • David Gregory, Dean - Library Services, Position Filled
  • Robert Royar, CCAHSS, 2019-22
  • Bo Shi, CBT, 2017-20
  • Kim Sharp, COE, 2018-21
  • Mike Fultz, COS, 2018-21
  • Dirk Grupe, Faculty Senate Chair-Elect, 1-year term
  • Kouroush Jenab, CBT at-large, 2018-21
  • Christina Conroy, CCAHS at-large, 2019-22
  • Wilson Gonzalez-Espada, COS at-large, 2019-22
  • Chris Beckham, COE at-large, 2018-21


First Year Seminar Ad-Hoc committee

  • April Miller, Interim Department Chair ECESE, MGSE
  • Lora Pace, First Year Programs
  • Chris Beckham, COE
  • Robert Boram, COS
  • Eric Jerde, COS
  • Janet Ratliff, CBT
  • Alana Scott, CCAHSS
  • Michelle Barber, Director, Retention & Advising
  • John Ernst, Academic Administration Representation
  • Shannon Harr, Assessment & Testing
  • Hunter Chandler -- Coordinator Tutoring Services/Instructor
  • Kyle Lane, Student
  • Morehead (Residential Campus)
    150 University Blvd., Morehead, KY 40351
  • Admissions
    121 E. Second St., Morehead, KY 40351
  • Financial Aid
    121 E. Second St., Morehead, KY 40351
  • Accounting & Financial Services (Student Billing)
    207 Howell-McDowell, Morehead, KY 40351
  • Registrar
    201 Ginger Hall, Morehead, KY 40351
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