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Eagle Diversity Education Center

The Eagle Diversity Education Center (EDEC) is dedicated to developing and sustaining an academic, social and cultural environment that embraces and supports diverse student populations. We strive to consistently generate and facilitate activities and programming that challenge, support, and contribute to the continued development and success of students of color. Focused on the experience of students of color at MSU, EDEC coordinates an array of educational, cultural and social programs, collaborating with faculty, staff, academic departments and campus organizations to encourage and stimulate positive social interaction, cultural and community awareness.

EDEC is inclusive to all members of the University community and provides focus towards African-American, Latino and Hispanic students. We have developed a student-focused, comprehensive educational experience to nurture an inclusive community on campus. We provide support to prospective and enrolled students of color, expanding opportunities for student engagement, leadership and scholarship.


Students who take advantage of the services and programming offered by the Eagle Diversity Education Center will:

  • Develop an appreciation of different cultures.
  • Gain experience working with diverse populations.
  • Learn to utilize campus resources to achieve academic and personal success.
  • Become active citizens, lifelong learners and leaders in a diverse and inclusive community.



  • Cultural/educational programming.
  • Student support and development.
  • Community cultivation.
  • Support MSU’s efforts to recruit, retain and graduate students of color.
  • Help the MSU family develop a better understanding of the experience of students of color.

Contact Information

Cory Clark, Minority Academic Services Coordinator