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Apply to be a Resident Advisor

Submit your application for a 2021-22 Resident Advisor position
The Office of Student Housing is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for Resident Advisor (RA) positions for 2021-22 academic year. As visible student-leaders on campus, RAs have the opportunity build valuable leadership and life skills while having an impact on the campus experience of their fellow students.

What is an RA?

A Resident Advisor, or RA, is an undergraduate full-time student who lives in an assigned MSU residence hall and supports students living in the residence hall community. As a live-in staff member, the primary role of an RA is to build a welcoming and inclusive community within the residence halls, while assisting residents in achieving their goals both personally and academically. In addition, the RA serves as a member of their residence hall’s community team that includes the hall’s resident advisors and hall director, to create and maintain a positive community environment.
Community Builder
  • Resident Advisors build positive and meaningful relationships with the students in and around their assigned residential community, typically one or more residence hall floors.
  • An RA plans and facilitates activities in the residence hall and/or campus community that encourage social interaction and relationship building among members of the residential community.
  • The RA plans and facilitates activities in and around the residence hall community that allow students to develop knowledge and skills that will help them be successful as members of the MSU community and beyond.
  • Resident Advisors develop a sense of community in the residence halls through the creation of unique and creative bulletin boards, door decorations, community communication and other themes that allow the residential community to represent itself as a unified group.
  • Resident Advisors serve as role models for other MSU students, especially those in and around their residential community, by observing ethical standards consistent with Morehead State University and Office of Student Housing mission and values.
  • Resident Advisors educate students regarding university policies and procedures and, when necessary, address and respond to actions that are in conflict with such policies to re-enforce standards and expectations for MSU students living in a community environment.
  • An RA serves as a representative for the Office of Student Housing, which includes a positive and professional demeanor that is consistent with Office of Student Housing mission, vision, values, and principles.
  • All Resident Advisors participate in a rotating weeknight and weekend on-call rotation during hours when university offices are closed.
  • Resident Advisors assist students in resolving conflicts that may occur in their residential community, including facilitating roommate mediations and dialogues among members of the residential community.
  • Resident Advisors are knowledgeable about campus and community resources and serve as a referral for student questions and/or concerns.

What MSU Alumni are Saying

“I chose to be a Resident Advisor to get more involved and in the meantime help others get involved in the campus community as well. Also to be someone to come to when they had any type of question or concern as being away from home we tend to get a little lost.”
- Haley Gearhart, B.BA. 2016

“I became an RA to expand my leadership and to be a better version of myself.”
- Justin Kouns, B.A. 2015

“I chose to be an RA because I have always had a passion for building relationships within communities. Being an RA guaranteed more opportunities to make friends and build a network for future potential opportunities. I chose to be an RA because it created opportunities for me that were impossible for me to create alone. Becoming an RA meant building a family and creating opportunities for others like me.”
- Anitra Thompson, B.A. 2018


Resident Advisors receive training in the many skill areas that will help them be successful as a student-leader in the residence halls, including relationship building, event management, conflict management and resolution, emergency response and management, team and community building, time management and administrative skills. Attendance and participation for the entirety of pre-semester training, including residence hall opening, prior to the start of each semester and in-service sessions during the semester are required of all resident advisors.
  • Resident Advisors are required to return to campus for pre-semester training two weeks prior to the start of classes for the fall semester and one week prior to the start of classes for the spring semester.
  • Resident Advisors are responsible for semester ending closing procedures through the weekend following the last day of semester final examinations.

Time Commitment

The Resident Advisor position is a part-time institutional work-study position with an average weekly time commitment of 12-15 hours, which includes weekly staff meetings, bi-weekly meetings with the RA’s supervisor, on-call responsibilities, maintaining regular visibility in the RA’s assigned residential community and regular engagement with students in and around the RA’s assigned residential community. Since the Resident Advisor position includes both structured time commitments and flexible time commitments, successful Resident Advisors demonstrate excellent time management and productivity skills.
Certain times of the semester, such as pre-semester training, semester opening and semester closing, may require an additional time commitment to complete required responsibilities.


Students are eligible to hold a Resident Advisor position if they
  • Are enrolled as a full-time student at Morehead State University.
  • Have and maintain a cumulative and semester GPA of 2.5.
  • Are in good academic, financial and disciplinary standing with Morehead State University.
  • Have resided in Morehead State campus housing for at least one academic semester (including current semester).
  • Maintain an active housing contract with the Office of Student Housing


In exchange for their service to the Morehead State community, Resident Advisors receive
  • A room in their assigned residence hall community.
  • A housing scholarship equal to the amount of the RA’s residence hall assignment.
  • A $500 scholarship at the beginning of each academic semester.
  • An $80 stipend per university pay period during terms of employment, paid in accordance with university payroll procedures (amount may be reduced/prorated during pay periods where university classes do not meet, including semester breaks).
  • Priority class registration for semesters employed as a Resident Advisor.
The Resident Advisor position is classified as an institutional work-study position. Morehead State University policy prohibits MSU students from holding multiple institutional work-study positions concurrently. On-campus employment in positions classified as or similar to Undergraduate Research Fellowships or tutors is permitted by University policy.

What MSU Alumni are Saying

“This experience helped prepare and nurture communication skills, collaboration techniques, problem solving skills, dealing with confrontation, and allowed me to be exposed to a vast and diverse group of people.”
- Molly Magoteaux, B.FA. 2018

“Being an RA I was able to help students adjust to the new world of college. I think my favorite thing was when a resident would come to me looking for places to explore and I could take them to Eagle Lake or help them get involved on campus.”
- Maggie Burns, B.A. 2017

“The relationships and friendships that were built with my former residents were some of the best parts of my job! Connecting with people and being able to become invested in their lives was very rewarding.”
- Lauren Miller, B.S. 2013


Information Sessions

Information sessions provide interested students the opportunity to hear more about the Resident Advisor position and ask questions of people with the answers. While attendance at an information session is not required, it does provide interested students with opportunity to engage with Office of Student Housing staff and clarify any lingering thoughts or questions.
For the Spring 2021 semester, the Office of Student Housing is hosting three virtual information sessions:
  • Wednesday, Feb. 3, at 6 p.m. via Cisco WebEx.
  • Monday, Feb. 8, at 6 p.m. via Cisco WebEx. Immediately following this information session, Career Services will be conducting a resume and cover letter workshop
  • Tuesday, Feb. 16, at 6 p.m. via Cisco WebEx.
In addition, for students selected for an individual interview, the Office of Student Housing has partnered with Career Services to host an interviewing skills workshop, Tuesday, March 9, at 6 p.m. via Cisco WebEx.

Selection Process

Students interested in a Resident Advisor position should submit their application starting Monday, Feb. 8. The deadline to submit all application materials is Friday, Feb. 19. A completed 2021-2022 Resident Advisor application includes:
  • Responses to the following questions:
    • Why do you want to be a Resident Advisor (RA)? What elements of the RA position appeal to you the most? What elements of the RA position are the least appealing? Why?
    • As an RA, how will you positively influence the living experience of the other students in the residence hall?
    • In what ways do you believe an RA can serve as a positive role model for residents and other MSU students?
    • How would you define an inclusive community? How do you create such a community?
  • A cover letter.
  • A resume that includes the applicant’s education (both previous and current), employment history, campus or community involvement, recognition and/or achievements and any other relevant experience.
Step 2 – Group Interviews
Following an initial screening of applications and student records, selected candidates will be invited to participate in a Group Interview. Group Interviews are scheduled to take place between Monday, March 1, and Saturday, March 6, and are required for candidates to move forward in the selection process. Each candidate selected for a Group Interview will be scheduled for a single 90-120 minute group interview session on one of those days.
Step 3 – Individual Interviews
Following group interviews, selected candidates will be invited to participate in an individual interview with Office of Student Housing staff. Individual interviews are scheduled to take place between Monday, March 15 and Saturday, March 20 and are required for candidates to be considered for a Resident Advisor position. Each candidate selected for an individual interview will be scheduled for a 30-45 minute virtual interview conversations with Office of Student Housing staff on one of those days. All interviews will be conducted via Cisco WebEx.
Step 4 – Position Offers
After all interviews have been completed, Office of Student Housing staff will review all candidates’ application and interview materials and make offers for confirmed vacant positions. Offers will be communicated to candidates via their MSU e-mail no earlier than Monday, March 29.


Types of Offers

Following individual interviews and a review of all candidates’ application and interview materials, the Office of Student Housing will make offers to candidates via their MSU e-mail. Candidates can receive one of the following offers:
  • 2021-22 RA – these are offers for a Resident Advisor position for the Fall 2021 semester, starting in August 2021. Candidates for 2021-2022 RA positions will be offered a position in a specific residence hall as part of their offer.
  • Alternate Candidate – when confirmed vacancies for the 2021-2022 academic year are filled, the Office of Student Housing maintains a list of qualified candidates who have the potential to fill additional vacancies as they become available. Alternate candidates can be offered an RA position any time before or during the 2021-2022 academic year, including being considered for vacancies for the Spring 2022 semester.

What MSU Alumni are Saying

“I have used just about all the skills that I gathered as a RA in my current job, which is sales.  Dealing with the public on a daily basis, and handling different situations.  Using the knowledge that I learned each year, gaining a little more each staff training event or our one-on-one meetings we had with our Area Coordinators.”
- Chazaray Osborne, B.A. 2016

“Becoming a resident advisor provided me with multiple opportunities. As a low income student, becoming a Resident Advisor provided me the opportunity to live on campus. I made connections that I couldn't have made on my own, and I developed leadership experience that has proven to be impressive to many employers.”
- Anitra Thompson, B.A. 2018

“Being an RA helped me learn problem solving and accomplishing a task that needs resolution. Working within a framework to promote student success are keys.”
- Joel Pace, B.A., M.A. M.AE.


Any questions about resident advisor positions, the selection process and/or the Office of Student Housing can be directed to John Michael Haky.