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Move-in Day Process for Fall 2020

When your scheduled move in time and day arrives, it is time to begin the move in process. First, if you are a new student who did not submit a photo for your EagleCard student ID or a returning student who has lost their EagleCard, you will need to visit the EagleCard Office on the first floor of ADUC to obtain an EagleCard for accessing your residence hall. Once you have your card, proceed to step 1 below.
  1. Please arrive at the US60 Lot (overflow parking across US60 from Dairy Queen) to check in and receive your move in packet. Included in this packet will be your room key, an EagleCard if you submitted your photo, and a parking permit if you have applied for one.
  2. Follow the route below to the large blue tents where housing staff will be able to assist you, check you in, and issue your keys. Please wear face coverings when interacting with our staff for their safety and yours.​
    Traffic flow route for US60 Parking Lot
  3.  Once checked in and keys received, you can proceed to your residence hall. Parking around the halls is restricted for unloading only, so please unload your vehicle as quickly as possible and MOVE YOUR VEHICLE! Do not begin to set up the room until your vehicle is parked away from the halls.
    1. Parking after unloading is available at (view campus map):
      1. Rocky Adkins Dining Commons East Parking Garage
      2. Either side of the US60 Lot
      3. All Zone (AZ) Lot behind the Baptist Campus Ministry (off Second Street)
      4. Student (S) lots behind Fields Hall and Ginger Hall
      5. Student (S) lot across University Blvd from Laughlin Health Building
    2. Vehicles can be parked in their permitted lots beginning on August 16 at 7 p.m.
  4. Return to the hall and begin to set up your space! Please be mindful of other families moving in and other students. Maintain social distance and wear face coverings at all times during move in.
  5. Be patient. This process is a relatively new one and designed specifically for the current health conditions and campus community safety. There will likely be hiccups or delays and your patience is appreciated as we continue to work to make your residence hall your home away from home.