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Start a New Organization

Morehead State strongly supports the innovation of our students in creating organizations to meet shared interests. The process for creating a new student organization is outlined below. For additional support, contact Student Activities at 606-783-2071

Only matriculated MSU students can solicit on campus to start a student organization. No non-students or MSU faculty or staff are permitted to initiate the student organization registration process. 

A “new" club is defined as any group not registered last year or not registered within the first four weeks of the semester. All clubs must have an advisor who is a faculty or staff person. 

  • Complete Annual Registration via EagleLink (to gain access, contact Shannon Colvin, associate director of Leadership, Programming and Inclusion or Sami Case, staff assistant for Programming and Engagement).
  • Constitution - must meet MSU's requirements. If the organization is affiliated with a national or regional group, a copy of the national or regional bylaws (or like document) is required as well.
  • Club Account Authorization Form - requires the signature of the advisor (club sponsor), president, treasurer and director of Student Activities. Only those listed on this form can sign check requests for student organizations.


Membership Requirements

New student organizations must have at least 8 full-time (12 credits or more) students in good standing. NPHC groups must have five to start a new club.

Student Organizations must have membership limited to matriculated (enrolled) students in good standing with the University. Non-students (faculty and staff of the University and students’ immediate families) may be in the organization but may not vote or hold office. The group must practice non-discrimination in membership selection (as listed above), except where the stated legal purposes of the organization require limitations as to sex or religion and are exempt by law. In their constitution they must state they will abide by the regulations of the University. A current copy of their constitution and bylaws must be on file with Student Activities at all times. Organizations must have a minimum of five active members to remain in active status and to be eligible for annual registration. Eight are required for new organizations, except NPHC groups. 

Officers must be full-time students (12 credits or more) in good standing with the University with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.30. Employees of the University are not eligible for officer positions in student organizations. Names and addresses of newly elected officers must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities within ten (10) class days of such change.

Registration with MSU does not imply University endorsement or approval of the opinions, philosophy, or objectives of the organization. A student organization which violates conditions of registration or University policy will be subject to disciplinary action. A student organization may be denied registration or have it withdrawn if the goals and purposes of the organization are found to be in conflict with local, state and/or federal statutes.

Only registered organizations are permitted to use University facilities, schedule activities, and solicit membership and funds on campus.

All student organizations must have an advisor who is a faculty or staff member who is selected by members of the organization. Written requests for exceptions must be submitted to the Office of Student Activities. Members may also choose additional advisors, including advisors who are not affiliated with the University. The advisor's duties include attending meetings of the organization; ensuring compliance with procedural regulations of the University; approving expenditures of organizational funds in accordance with University procedures; and advising the organization of University regulations.

In order to be a recognized student group, an organization must maintain a good academic standing. In order to be in good academic standing with the University, the cumulative GPA for a recognized organization must be 2.30 or higher. It is essential that student organizations maintain accurate records and ensure that the Office of Student Activities has an accurate roster at all times to allow for the computation of cumulative GPAs with accuracy. The constitution of an organization must guarantee a democratic process, inclusive of the right to vote for officers from among eligible members and the philosophy of majority rule.
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