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Career Fairs

What is a career fair?

A career fair is an event where a number of different organizations gather for the purpose of recruiting employees and interns and/or offering information about their organizations. Career fairs are great opportunities to research employers and graduate programs from across the country, and to expand your professional network and potentially "get your foot in the door" with a company. Plus, these organizations have chosen to participate, so you know that they are interested in recruiting from Morehead State University.

Don't wait until you are a senior to attend your first career fair. It is never too early to start expanding your network, and many organizations offer internships/co-ops or part-time opportunities.

Career fairs are not just for job seekers; don't wait until you are a senior to attend your first one.

You have the opportunity to impress and make your name known to employers for whom you are interested in working, or graduate schools you are interested in attending; don't waste it!