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MSU Resources - Internet and Devices

Strategies for internet access

  • Vehicle (parking lot) or external (lawnchair-style) access on college campuses, by local libraries, near businesses with free wifi, or at a friend’s yard/porch (with their wifi password)
  • Cell phone (e.g., Blackboard, WebEx, Office 365, email, social media apps, etc.)
  • Move in with friends or family who have wifi access

MSU Network Information

For those students in or near the Morehead area, Wi-Fi is available outside of MSU buildings and in parking lots on campus.


This network provides a safe, secure connection to the internet and to MSU resources. This is the preferred on-campus, secure wireless network available to users with a current MSU account.  MSU_SECURE requires an Eagle ID and password to connect, and should be used with PCs, laptops, tablets, and smart phones.


This network provides limited internet access to MSU guests. Unless you have an Eagle ID and password, you will access the internet on campus through MSU_Public.
For instructions on connecting, visit Mobile Devices. For more information about MSU technology services, visit


Morehead State University has a limited number of laptops that can be loaned or granted to students on an emergency basis through the end of the semester. To determine if you are eligible to have a loaner/grant laptop shipped to you, email with a description of your circumstances. 

Remember that you may be able to borrow a laptop, desktop, ipad/tablet, or other device from a friend or family member, especially if they have recently upgraded and have an older device available.