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Assessing Online Program Quality

  • Are You Offering Quality Online Education? How Do You Know?
  • Ensuring Online Program Quality with the eQuality Model
  • Online Learning: How Administrative Accountability Can Significantly Improve Student Success & Retention
  • Thriving as an Online Learning Administrator: 12 Strategies

Blended Learning

  • 10 Ways to Improve Blended Learning Course Design in 2014
  • Best Practices for Designing Successful Blended Courses
  • Blended Learning Toolkit: Design, Deliver, Assess
  • Flex Learning: Helping Students Choose Their Path to Success
  • How Do I Convert a F2F Course to a Hybrid Course?
  • How Do I Create and Implement Microlectures?
  • Should I Use ADDIE as a Design Map for My Blended Course?
  • What Is Blended Learning?
  • What Three Things Could I Do to Improve My Blended Course?

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Classroom Management

  • Dealing with Student Behaviors That Compromise Learning
  • A Good Start: Helping First-year Students Acclimate to College
  • Handling Annoying, Disruptive and Dangerous Students
  • How to Create a Transformative Learning Experience for Students by Managing Hot Moments and Difficult Discussions in the Classroom
  • Student Incivility: Strategies to Prevent and Respond to Conflict
  • Why Students Cheat and What We Can Do about It
  • How Can Students Use Self-Compassion to Reduce Test Anxiety?
  • How Do I Address Teasing and Bullying Behavior in the Classroom?
  • How Do I Discuss Academic Integrity During the First Class?
  • How Do I Stay Calm When Students Push My Buttons?
  • How Should I Handle Pushy Parents?
  • Is There a Solution to Students Multitasking in Class?
  • What Key Factors Influence Test Performance?
  • What Should I Do When a Student Challenges my Authority?
  • What Should I Do When a Student Cheats?

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Course Design

  • Beyond Course Design: Planning for Successful Facilitation
  • Taming the Monster: Rethinking the Role of Content
  • Beyond Coverage: Backward Design for Disciplinary Thinking
  • Magna Commons Programs Program Title Primary Category Choosing and Using Group Activities in the College Classroom
  • Strategies to Enhance Critical Thinking Skills
  • Designing & Teaching a Course with a Critical Thinking Focus
  • Designing and Teaching a High-Impact Capstone Course
  • Refresh Your Course with Straightforward Design Changes
  • Service-Learning Course Design: What Faculty Need to Know
  • Team-Based Learning: Strategies for Getting Started
  • What to Teach When There Isn't Time to Teach Everything
  • How Can I Assess Critical Thinking with Student-Created Work?
  • Is Your Syllabus Sending the Wrong Message?
  • How Can I Assess Critical Thinking with Objective Items?
  • Can Service-Learning Work in My Discipline?
  • How Can I Design Critical Thinking into My Course?
  • How Can I Effectively Teach Unprepared Students?
  • How Can I Effectively Use Class Preparation Assignments?
  • How Can I Improve Lessons with a 4-step Plan?
  • How Can I Incorporate a Group Poster Session into my Class?
  • How Can I Make My Course Content More Accessible?
  • How Can I Make the Activities in My Course More Inclusive?
  • How Do I Design Courses to Enhance Student Veterans' Success?
  • How Do I Develop a High-Impact Capstone Course?
  • What Activities and Assignments Promote Critical Thinking?
  • What Are Five Tips for Writing Effective Learning Outcomes?
  • How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Minutes?
  • How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Days?
  • How Can I Implement UDL in the Next 20 Months?
  • How Do Mini-lectures Improve Student Engagement?

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Faculty Development

  • Measuring Learning: The Ultimate Teaching Evaluation
  • 15 Practical Strategies to Re-energize Mid-career Teachers
  • 23 Practical Strategies to Help New Faculty Thrive
  • Faculty Members and FERPA, ADA Section 504, and Title IX: How to Use the Fundamentals of These Regulations to Better Identify and Resolve Potential Problems
  • Who Am I When I Teach? Understanding Teaching Personas
  • Nine Essential Traits of the Effective Professor
  • Outcomes-Based Assessment of Teaching & Learning Centers
  • Considering the Courage and Practice of Teaching
  • How Can I Avoid Communication “Misfires” with Students?
  • How Can I Be an Effective Mentor?
  • How Can I Best Learn from My Mentor?
  • How Can I Measure My Faculty Development Center’s Impact?
  • How Can I Use Student Feedback to Improve My Teaching?
  • How Do I Create a Successful Faculty Mentoring Program?
  • How Do I Prepare a SoTL Article for Publication?
  • What Can I Do about Feeling Tired, Stressed, and Burned Out?
  • What Can I Learn From Student Ratings?

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Faculty Legal Concerns

  • Managing Student Discipline Issues Legally and Effectively

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Faculty Support

  • How to Evaluate the Impact of Faculty Development Programs
  • Program Title Primary Category Managing the Adjunct Pool for Consistent Learning Outcomes
  • Policies, Practices for Supporting Non-Tenure Track Faculty
  • How Can I Build a Successful Faculty Development Program?
  • How Should I Coach an Underperforming Colleague?

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Flipped Courses

  • Assessment Strategies for the Flipped Classroom
  • Assessment Strategies for Flipped Learning Experiences
  • Best Practices in Flipped Class Design
  • The Flipped Approach to a Learner-Centered Class
  • The Flipped Approach to Online Teaching and Learning
  • How Can I Structure a Flipped Lesson?
  • What Are Five FAQs About Faculty Roles in the Flipped Class?
  • What Is Storyboarding and How Can It Help You Flip Your Class?
  • Where Can I Find Flippable Moments in My Classes?

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Grading and Feedback

  • Getting Started with Classroom Assessment Techniques
  • Grading Strategies to Promote Student & Faculty Success
  • Prepared Students: The Secret’s in the Assignment Strategy
  • Tools and Techniques for Promoting Academic Integrity
  • Writing Better Multiple-Choice Questions
  • Are Group Exams a Viable Testing Option?
  • How Can Grading Policy Options Influence Student Learning?
  • How Can I Create Meaningful Assignments for My Students?
  • How Can I Make My Exams More about Learning, Less about Grades?
  • How Can I Make My Exams More Accessible?
  • How Can I Make My Multiple Choice Tests More Effective?
  • How Can I Transform My Tests into Learning Tools?
  • How Can I Use Frequent Student Feedback to Improve My Courses?
  • How Can I Use Informal Writing as Part of a Low-stakes Grading Strategy?
  • How Can I Use Low-stakes Quizzing to Enhance Learning?
  • How Can Rubrics Make Grading Easier and Faster?
  • How Do I Give Feedback that Improves Student Writing?
  • What Ethical Issues Lurk in My Grading Policy?
  • What Is Essential in a Grading Policy?
  • What Is the Best Way to Grade Participation?
  • What Key Concepts Improve Student Learning and Memory?

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Institutional Assessment

  • Moving Ahead with Learning Assessment
  • Transgender Students and Employees: How to Comply with the Latest Title IX Guidance
  • Evaluating Online Teaching for New or Veteran Administrators
  • How Good Is Good Enough?: Setting Benchmarks or Standards

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Institutional Culture

  • 10 Skills to Increase Your Community's Diversity Competence
  • Fostering a Collegial Environment: Guidelines for the Department Chair
  • Overcoming Implicit Bias in Higher Education: How to Recruit, Hire, Manage, and Retain a Diverse Team of Academic Faculty

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Leadership Skills

  • Leading Change: A Framework for Department Chairs
  • Negotiation and Conflict Management for Academic Leaders
  • Three Keys to Effective Decision-making for Academic Leaders
  • How Can I Build Momentum for Change with Short-term Wins?
  • How Can I Create a Sense of Urgency for Change?
  • How Can I Identify and Overcome Obstacles to Change?
  • How Should I Manage Conflict Within My Department?
  • How Can I Lay the Groundwork for Positive Technology Changes?

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Legal Issues

  • Campus SaVE Act: What You Need to Know
  • Consumer Protection and Higher Ed: Six Liability Concerns
  • Legal Issues in Hiring, Promotion & Tenure: How Colleges & Universities Can Hire the Right Faculty and Reduce the Risk of Costly Litigation
  • Social Media in Higher Education: Legal Considerations

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Online Copyright Policy

  • Applying Recent Copyright Court Decisions to Distance Ed Online
  • Changes to Copyright & Fair Use: What Faculty Need to Know Online
  • How Recent Copyright Court Cases Affect Distance Education Online
  • The Copyright Case We've Been Waiting for: Key Lessons & Policy Changes Online
  • How Can I Design Copyright-Compliant Courses?
  • Linking, Embedding & Streaming: What’s Legal? What’s Not?
  • What Does Copyright Ownership Mean to Me?
  • How Can Course Design Help Prevent Online Cheating?
  • How Can I Create an Online Service Learning Project?

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Online Course Design

  • Data Driven Decision Making for Online Instructional Design
  • Online Group Work: Making It Meaningful and Manageable
  • Six Practical Strategies to Improve Your Online Course
  • Using Student Analytics for Online Course Improvement
  • Using Universal Design to Support All Online Students
  • How Can I Get Started With the Virtual Classroom?
  • How Do I Align Learning Objectives with Technology Using Backward Design?
  • How Can I Save Time and Money by Repurposing Online Content?
  • How Do I Choose Between Synchronous & Asynchronous Activities?
  • How Do I Set Students Up for Success in Online Courses?
  • What Do Students Want in Online Courses?

Online Course Facilitation

  • Program Title Primary Category The Top 10 Faculty Challenges for Teaching Online
  • Improve Participation to Enhance Learning in Online Courses
  • Online Teaching Toolkit: Evaluate & Improve Your Teaching
  • Managing Instructor Presence in the Online Classroom
  • What Are the Communication 'Musts' in an Online Class?
  • How Can I Get Useful Feedback to Improve My Online Teaching?
  • How Can I Make Online Group Projects More Effective?
  • What Three Things Should I Do Each Week to Engage Online Students?
  • What Are the Best Questioning Strategies for Enhancing Online Discussions?
  • How Do I Design Innovative Assignments to Foster Learning in the Online Classroom?

Online Course Management

  • The Academic Leader's Toolkit for Evaluating Online Teaching
  • Strategies to Manage High Enrollment Online Courses
  • How Can I Set Time Management Priorities in Online Teaching?
  • How Should I Manage My Online Course?
  • I’m Teaching Online Next Term. What Do I Have to Know?
  • What Are the Secrets to Making Highly Effective Educational Videos?
  • How Can I Add Interactivity to My Online Content?
  • How Do I Create a Welcoming Online Classroom?
  • How Do I Establish an Engaging Atmosphere in My Online Classroom?
  • How Do I Create a Lively, Yet Functional, Online Classroom?

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Online Grading and Feedback

  • Efficient and Effective Feedback in the Online Classroom
  • Engage Online Students with Targeted Feedback
  • Five Ways to Build e-Learner Confidence with Low-Stakes Grading
  • How Can I Use Technology to Create Custom Automated Feedback?
  • How Can I Enhance the Impact of Feedback in Online Classes?
  • How Can I Use Classroom Assessment Techniques (CATs) Online?
  • What Are the Secrets to Providing Highly Effective Feedback to Students?

Online Program Compliance

  • A Framework for Managing Compliance and Accreditation Cycles
  • Apps & Web 2.0: Legal Issues in Using the Internet in Class
  • Clearing Four Common Hurdles in State Authorization Compliance
  • Legal Landscape of MOOCs: Five Issues that Belong on Your Radar
  • Meeting the New Distance Ed Accreditation Requirements
  • State Authorization Update: New SARA Issues
  • State Authorization: A Solution in Sight?
  • State Authorization: Strategies for Online Providers
  • The Higher Ed Act Reauthorization: What’s at Stake for You?
  • Three New Distance Education Regulations: How to Comply

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Online Program Strategy

  • E-Student Affairs: Supporting Online Learners
  • Five Crucial Steps to Launching a New Online Degree Program
  • Front Door Services to Attract & Graduate Adult Learners
  • Growing Successful Online Programs at a Small School
  • Retaining Online Students with a First Year Experience Program
  • Should You Expand Your Online Initiative? Key Considerations
  • Successful Support Services for Online and Distance Learners
  • Successfully Adopting Blended Learning at Your Institution
  • Ten Critical Steps in Choosing a Learning Management System
  • Understanding and Combating Resistance to Online Learning
  • How Can I Design Academic Integrity into My Online Programs?
  • How Does My Department Become More Strategic with Online Programming?
  • How Do I Create an Online Education Policy and Procedures Manual?

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Online Student Engagement

  • Five Tips to Engage Students Outside of the Online Classroom
  • Online Discussion: Practices to Boost Learning & Engagement
  • Online Learning that Lasts: How to Engage & Retain Students
  • Designing Online Learning to Spark Intrinsic Motivation
  • Five Ways to Improve Interaction in Your Online Courses
  • Beyond the Discussion Board: How Can I Engage Online Students?
  • How Can I Encourage the Growth Mindset with Three Simple Tips?
  • How Can I Keep Students Engaged with Instructor Presence?
  • How Do I Create Engaging Threaded Discussion Questions?

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Personnel Issues

  • Faculty Evaluation and Review: Guidelines for Getting it Right
  • Managing Staff Change: Admissions Teams in Transition
  • Seven Steps for Dealing with Problem Faculty
  • Using Motivational Interviewing to Engage & Motivate Faculty
  • How Can I Better Manage Difficult Conversations with Faculty?

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Specific Student Populations

  • Program Title Primary Category From Rucksack to Backpack: Ensuring Student Veteran Success
  • Teaching Non-Traditional Students: An Asset-Based Approach
  • How Can I Help Student Veterans Transition to Campus?
  • How Do I Accommodate Student Veterans with Disabilities?
  • How Flexible Should I Be with Non-Traditional Students?
  • What Do I Do If I Suspect a Student Has Asperger’s Disorder?
  • What Learning Activities Help Student Veterans Succeed?

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Strategic Planning

  • Academic Restructuring: Guidelines for Academic Leaders
  • Competency-Based Education at Community Colleges
  • Connect Learning Across Courses with Curriculum Mapping
  • How to Effectively Lead Change in Higher Education
  • Improving Financial Management in Academic Programs
  • Successfully Implementing Your Strategic Plan

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Student Engagement

  • 10 Ways to Engage Your Students on the First Day of Class
  • Active Learning that Works: What Students Think
  • Below the Surface: Strategies for Deep and Lasting Learning
  • Improve Participation in College Classrooms: How to Create a Discussion Strategy that Will Increase Student Learning and Engagement
  • Conversations with Students: Methods that Engage & Motivate
  • Everybody Present: Mindfulness in the Classroom
  • Five Strategies to Engage Today's Students
  • Four Strategies to Engage the Multicultural Classroom
  • Helping Introverts Thrive in an Active Learning Classroom
  • Lecture Alternatives: Four Strategies to Engage Students
  • Program Title Primary Category Leverage Social Media to Fuel Student Engagement & Learning
  • Motivating Students: Four Steps to Dynamic Classes
  • Motivating Students: From Apathetic to Inspired
  • Strategies for Making Your Courses Relevant and Engaging
  • Ten Ways to Actively Engage Your Students
  • How Can I Capture Students’ Interest in the First 5 Minutes?
  • How Can I Communicate to Engage Students and Encourage Learning?
  • How Can I Connect Students’ Interests to Course Content?
  • How Can I Enhance Class Using Story, Popular Media and Objects?
  • How Can I Enhance Students’ Self-Regulated Learning Skills?
  • How Can I Get Students to Take Responsibility for Their Own Learning?
  • How Can I Help Students See that Sweat—Working Hard and Smart—Is Key to Their Success?
  • How Can I Improve My PowerPoint Presentation Skills?
  • How Can I Reduce Student Apathy and Increase Motivation?
  • How Can I Use Icebreakers to Connect with Students?
  • How Can Objects and Analogies Improve my Teaching?
  • How Do I Build Community in My Classroom?
  • How Do I Create a Climate for Learning in My Classroom?
  • How Do I Get More Students to Participate in Class?
  • How Do I Get Students to Read Their Assignments Before Class?
  • How Do I Create the Ideal Learning Environment for Modern Learners?
  • How Do I Include Introverts in Class Discussions?
  • How Do Master Teachers Create a Positive Classroom?
  • What Is the Role of Communication In Teaching Excellence?
  • What Kinds of Questions Encourage Student Interaction?
  • How Do I Release My Students’ Natural Zest and Curiosity for Better Learning?

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Student Wellbeing

  • Seven Counseling Skills All Student Affairs Professionals Need

Supporting Online Faculty

  • How Do I Overcome Faculty Barriers to Online Teaching?

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Teaching Strategies

  • Nine Ways to Use Class Discussion to Promote Transformation
  • Teaching Unprepared Students: Strategies that Work
  • 10 Strategies for Enhancing Learning in Introductory Courses
  • Concept Mapping: How Visual Connections Can Improve Learning
  • Experiential Learning Inside the Classroom
  • How the Brain Learns: Implications for Teaching and Learning
  • How to Deepen Learning through Critical Reflection
  • How to Integrate Self-Regulated Learning into Your Courses
  • Seven Strategies to Enhance Learning through Group Work
  • Using Brief Interventions to Maximize Student Learning
  • Using Group Work to Promote Deep Learning
  • How to Implement Brain-based Learning Strategies in your Courses
  • Seven Ways to Increase Student Attention and Learning
  • How Can I Give Negative Peer Feedback that Leads to Change?
  • How Can I Help Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills?
  • How Can I Minimize Cheating in the Classroom?
  • How Can I Promote Deep Learning through Critical Reflection?
  • How Can I Teach Critical Reflection in STEM Courses?
  • How Can I Use Discussion to Facilitate Learning?
  • How Can Student Learning Begin Before the First Day of Class?
  • How Do I Assign Students to Groups?
  • How Do I Get Students to Come to Class Prepared?
  • How Do Prepared Students Change the Way I Teach?
  • How Should I Respond to Wrong (or Not Very Good) Answers?
  • Learner-Centered Teaching - Where Should I Start?
  • Should I Encourage Experiential Learning During Class? How?
  • What Are the Three Worst Mistakes to Make in the Classroom?
  • What Can I Do to Increase Student Retention?
  • What if a Student Asks a Question I Can't Answer?
  • How Does Grit Team with a Growth Mindset to Cultivate Lifelong Learning?
  • Should I Incorporate Social Media into My Online Classroom?
  • What Do Modern Learners Expect from Their Instructors?
  • How Do I Promote Civil and Thoughtful Engagement in the Classroom?

Technology in Online Courses

  • A Guide to Video Communication for Online Instructors
  • How Can I Align Technology with My Pedagogical Goals?
  • How Do I Use VoiceThread for Online Student Discussion?
  • Where Can I Find Free Tools for Holding Online Office Hours?

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Technology in the Classroom

  • Learner-Centered Technology: Aligning Tools with Learning Goals
  • How Can Document Sharing Tools Help Students Collaborate?
  • How Can Google Docs Help Foster Productive Collaboration?
  • How Can I Create Effective Mini-lectures?
  • How Can I Use Technology to Improve Learning?
  • How Can I Use Twitter to Improve Teaching and Learning?
  • What Works and What Doesn't When Teaching Large Classes?

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Working with Online Faculty

  • Assessing Prior Online Teaching Experience & Competency
  • How to Orient New Instructors to an Online Course FAST!
  • Setting Expectations for Online Instructor Performance
  • How Can I Adapt an Online Faculty Peer Review Tool?
  • How Can I Engage Adjunct Online Faculty in Professional Development?
  • How Can I Evaluate Online Teaching If I Haven't Taught Online?
  • How Can I Use Peer Mentoring to Improve Online Teaching?
  • What Do Adjunct Faculty Need to Be Successful in the Online Classroom?
  • How Do I Monitor and Support Online Faculty?
  • Peer Reviews of Online Teaching: What Works Best?