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Student working in lab

What is Level Up?

Level UP is an initiative to prepare MSU students for career success by focusing on developing career skills that are in demand by employers through specific course sections. These courses are open to all students.


Learn It.

You’ll start by learning the concepts and theories related to your major. Then you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about one of the following career skills:  oral communication, written communication, professionalism, critical thinking and teamwork.

Experience It.

You’ll then get to try out and develop the career skill through one of the following hands-on experiences: education abroad, undergraduate research, service learning and internships.


Show It.

Finally you’ll get practice using the STAR Method to show that you’ve truly developed the career skill through one of these experiences. 
  • Situation - Describe the situation you were in when you used your career skill.
  • Task - Describe the task that called for you to use your career skill.
  • Action - Describe the actions you took to complete the task.
  • Result - Describe the results of your actions.