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CTMR Background Check & Drug Testing

Clinical education is a mandatory component of the program. Due to accreditation requirements of the clinical education settings, students are required to obtain a criminal background check and undergo drug testing prior to acceptance to the clinical assignment. Currently, this service is provided by CastleBranch, available at

Students will be given an information sheet explaining the online registration and testing process. Students must complete the application process by the third Monday in July. Faculty will notify the students later during the summer session when the drug testing is to be completed. The student is responsible for the incurred cost of the services provided by the testing company.

The incurred cost to the student is approximately $152. If you are an MSU student with a CastleBranch account, your cost is $24.99 for a background check and $44 for a drug screen. Any student who fails acceptance to the clinical assignment will be unable to complete the program.

Contact Information

Department of Kinesiology, Health & Imaging Sciences

210 D Center for Health, Education & Research
Morehead, KY 40351

PHONE: 606-783-2180