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CTMR Clinical Obligations

The curriculum is designed to provide sufficient opportunities for the enrolled student to gain "professional" experiences in the performance of standard CT/MR procedures. This is accomplished by rotating each student through separate clinical education settings during the CT/MR option of the Bachelor of Science in Imaging Sciences program. See a list of Clinical Education Settings.

While on clinical assignment at an affiliated clinical education setting, the student will receive instruction and demonstration on safety, equipment operation, and the routine procedures performed in MR. Following instruction and demonstration, students will be required to complete learning objectives developed for each room/machine (if applicable), and after an appropriate length of time, will be evaluated and counseled on their competency in performing standard MR procedures. Students will also be evaluated in areas of, i.e., professional behavior, professional appearance, and maintaining the assigned clinical area. (For specifics on evaluation procedures, see Clinical Code of Conduct; Rules and Regulations in the MR Clinical Education Manual.)

Decisions on clinical assignments are made by the Clinical Coordinator with input from the Program Director and/or CT/MR faculty. These decisions are based on the student's clinical education needs. The students' preference for clinical assignments will be taken into consideration. Students are responsible for arranging their own housing in the assigned clinic locations and providing their own transportation to and from the assigned hospital. The personnel within the assigned hospital may be able to assist the student in obtaining information regarding housing. 

The student must adhere to all regulations during their assignments in the clinical education setting. As each affiliated clinical education setting has granted the students the privilege of learning in their facility, they are expected to demonstrate professional behavior at all times. The student is individually responsible for his or her own actions and, in addition, must abide by the clinical education setting's policies, rules, and regulations as outlined by the designated clinical instructor. While off-campus on clinical assignments, the student represents the program, profession, and the University to the public and the healthcare community.

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